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Haley Barbour: Standing Ovations

by Matthew Jones, 31 May 2012 in Speaker News Topics : Political Analysts, Political Leaders
Haley Barbour Speaker

Last night I went to see Governor Haley Barbour speak at a client event. Long story short, it’s not everyday you see a standing ovation after a political outlook talk, but he got one. It was an after-dinner talk, and he did a great job of keeping the audience engaged with humor and perspectives, data, and insights that far separated him from many other political speakers.

With no notes whatsoever, Barbour first talked about the client’s industry (in this case, auto dealerships) and the important issues they face. Then, he went on to explain – in an extremely fair and non-partisan way – why this election was a historic one and why the choices in policies were so different than before. While Barbour was not shy about saying what he would like to see happen in this country, his views did not impede his ability to analyze what will likely happen (or could happen) and why.

Barbour’s been in presidential polices for 44 years and his insights were tremendous – not the kind of stuff you get from watching TV or reading the paper. He was also funny and entertaining throughout his speech.

During the Q&A, Barbour was asked about who would be the VP nomination and why. He broke the answer down not only by how the decision would likely be made, but he also explained the research behind it. Another question dealt with Ohio. In determining weather or not Senator Rob Portman would deliver the state, Barbour analyzed the counties needed to win the state and talked about whether or not Portman could win each of those and why. Again, he had no notes and did not stumble or pause for a thought once.

Barbour had earlier attended the reception and dinner but stayed afterward while people asked for cell phone photos. He went out of his way to make everyone happy. It was quite impressive.

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