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First Annual LAI Video Video Awards

This has been a fantastic year for LAI Video. The program’s growth is rivaled only by its portfolio of quality work. Every year, we make it our mission to out-do our previous benchmarks, and with a masterful team of video-makers, 2014 continued this trend.  While we received many awards this year, LAI Video now recognizes its own excellence in both video product and team members through the following distinct awards.   Jack the RipperExcellence in EditingThe New NRFJun Young Yang Editing is often taken for granted when compared to beautiful videography or fancy animation, but it remains a crucial component to every video. The best edited videos can even go unnoticed, like blinking or breathing. Jun Yang's The New NRF seamlessly blinks and breathes and merges somewhat distinctive parts into a whole organism. Taking interviews from different departments and b-roll from a year's worth of video content, Jun cut to the heart of this ultimate identity piece.     The ArchitectExcellence in Project DirectionISRI Video SeriesAnthony Jacoway Sometimes, a single producer can’t physically make every video in a series. In times of simultaneous video production, it becomes crucial for keen creative oversight. In his first official assignment, newest hire Anthony Jacoway not only produced a beautiful animation for ISRI, but also concurrently directed two other videos for the trilogy. Working closely with two animators, the team quickly created…

What's LAI Video?

Nested deep within the Leading Authorities speakers bureau is a booming video production outfit. Coming from a live events origin, LAI Video now specializes in video storytelling of all kinds. We produce things like identity and branding pieces, big show openers and emotional case studies. From stylish motion graphics to comprehensive live-action shoots, LAI Video delivers powerful digital solutions for a variety of organizations in Washington, DC.

Welcome to lai-video.com, the first website/microsite/awesome-site dedicated to the LAI Video experience. In the Portfolio section, you will see a selection of our best and most recent award-winning projects. Our Promotional videos include a number of commercials, case studies and PR pieces to better explain and boost awareness for a particular issue or industry. Our Identity/Branding pieces showcase our marketing work for organizations of all kinds. LAI Video's roots are in live meetings, and our Event videos show some of our cutting-edge work in the form of show openers, conference promos, intros and recaps. Sometimes there's no better way to tell a story or explain a concept than with sophisticated and sassy motion graphics. Check out our Animation work for the best in sleek and snarky (and fun) visuals. From lifetime achievement awards to honoring a particular field or trade, our Awards/Tribute videos pay proper respects to the people who deserve proper respecting. Our Advocacy videos help clients articulate a particular message or issue, and our Presentations feature video briefings and fancy executive keynotes. 

Go to Behind the Scenes to read our blog and stay up-to-date on LAI Video news, latest trends and musings from the team. Our editors, producers, project managers and account reps will post regularly about projects in production and cutting-edge videos that got our attention. 

Learn about the team, the gear, and the legendary story in the About section. Read about the LAI Video process and our talented group of video warriors, scoundrels and do-gooders.

Interested in working with us? Joining the team? We’ll point you in the right direction on the Contact page. Or you can fill out a form on virtually any page to reach out to the right folks immediately.

Click away. Explore. Enjoy the laivideo.com experience. 


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