Leading Authorities Events

Leading Authorities is a live events production company, staging corporate and association events world-wide. Our team is on the road year-round  providing design and strategic consultation, calling shows, and managing large events.

Leading Authorities also produces more than 40 events a year for our clients to attend and preview speakers, learn best-practices, and see our live events production team in action.

Live Events - The Leading Authorities Advantage

A Leading Authorities live event produces tangible business results and engages audiences.

Our strategic approach:

♦ Is Forward Looking (What Will Your Event Look Like in 5 Years?) 
♦ Defines the Outcomes to be Achieved by the Event 
♦ Delivers an Experiential Environment that Showcases Your Brand

In short, we create more than a stage and manage more than people and equipment—a Leading Authorities event changes hearts, minds, and behaviors, and produces the return on investment that is essential as your organization moves forward. We combine our curriculum expertise, learned from more than 20 years in the speaker bureau business, with our innovative team of designers, producers, and video experts to deliver a live event plan that inspires, educates, and creates a community for its attendees.

Beyond the strategic direction and professional management, a Leading Authorities event is seamless in its execution. Because we don’t own any equipment we are in a unique position to make recommendations that are best for your event and your budget. Working with our trusted vendors, our experienced professionals use their connections and whether it is a small executive or board meeting or a multi-day, multi-venue trade show and convention, Leading Authorities’ live event professionals will deliver a polished and seamless experience that will leave you cheering for more.