At LAI Live Production we are on the road 300+ days a year. Loading in. Loading Out. And everything in between. When we aren't on our feet directing traffic or on a headset calling a show, we are meeting with our clients in-person and on conference calls planning the next big event. Watch our video to see us in action, and read on below to see why we are different from other production firms.



How We Are Different

Event Strategy

We are more than lights, mics, and stages. We are more than event management. LAI Live Events is a full-service experience. We look at the bigger picture and all of the moving parts.

Our experts design events that generate an emotional connection to elevate the organization's brand, drive outcomes, and create a valuable experience for attendees.


LAI Live Events are tactile experiences that inspire, motivate, and create a sense of community for the attendees.

Through our design and planning process, we use established curriculum to develop the right strategy for any setting. More importantly, we produce the platform for our clients to deliver their message and tell their story.

Achieving Defined Outcomes

Our events are designed to create change in audience behavior to match the objectives outlined by our clients.

LAI Live Events enhance your brand and deliver success through seamless integration with your team. On site, the LAI team works with trusted partners and suppliers to execute and manage a worry-free environment.


LAI Live Events move your organization to the next level. The Leading Authorities team attends and evaluates hundreds of conferences and meetings every year.

Our experts are exposed to the latest trends in crafting an original experience and apply these new ideas and insights to our work and your event.

Association Whisperers

Leading Authorities works with countless associations. We understand them. We know their structuring, budgeting, and committee-ing.

We develop events that align with the communications needs and the business model of the organization.