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Working With Leading Authorities, Inc.

Looking for a dynamic, inspiring speaker to highlight your next big event? Let the Leading Authorities, Inc. speakers bureau team connect you with one of the talented personalities on our roster of powerful, compelling expert speakers.

What Is A Speakers Bureau?

A speakers bureau is a resource for the people who plan meetings, conventions, conferences, and other events. Through a bureau, you can find keynote speakers, assemble panels or workshops, and build an event that everyone will remember.

Instead of seeking out individual speakers and working out booking details on your own, you can contact a speakers bureau to:

  • Research and present a group of established speakers to find the ideal guest for your event.
  • Search for available speakers within a certain fee range or speakers who specialize in particular subject matter.
  • Suggest speakers that fit your budget and content needs.
  • Get assistance with programming ideas supported by speakers from the bureau.
  • Provide support with equipment and multimedia requirements so you have every tool you need for an unforgettable event.

Leading Authorities, Inc. has a world-class collection of exclusive speakers and strong working relationships with non-exclusive speakers all over the globe. In addition to supporting you with research, contract management, and program development, we help take care of arrangements involving transportation, meals, lodging, and other logistical accommodations for your speakers.

What Topics Do Speakers Cover?

If you’re like many event or meeting planners, you have ideas about the content you’d like a speaker to address at your program. But when it’s time to recommend someone to deliver your message, it’s tough to come up with a compelling name that fits your event budget. With Leading Authorities, Inc., you start with the message, and we provide a curated list of available speakers that will fit your event requirements. Our speakers bureau features vetted, high-quality speakers on a wide range of topics, including:


Inject inspiration and vision into your next business event by booking an experienced and accomplished business speaker. Choose from our roster of business founders, CEOs, thought leaders, and business strategy experts with proven track records.

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Harness the creativity within your team by listening to some of the world’s most compelling innovators. Learn from people whose daring and willingness to chart new territory and embrace emerging technologies led them to ground-breaking accomplishments.

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Unlock the secrets of effective and visionary leadership, and bring out the best in every member of your team. Discover how leaders in business, sports, politics, the military, and more inspired people to reach for excellence—and find it.

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We represent many big names from today's media networks with years of experience covering the world’s most important stories and headlines. Hear their analysis of political trends, current events, and find out the impact on your industry or business.

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Boost morale or energize your group by booking a motivational speaker who fits your culture. Learn from people who’ve overcome overwhelming obstacles to lead themselves and their teams to achieve greatness.

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at the world of politics from people who’ve spent years in the inner sanctums of government. Deliver a new perspective on historic events, public policy analysis, and the big ideas that shape our world.

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Why Choose Leading Authorities, Inc. Speakers Bureau?

Leading Authorities, Inc. represents some of the most influential public speakers in the world. We represent recognizable names and faces that your audience will be buzzing about before the event, and that they’ll talk about for years to come. In addition to connecting with our roster of outstanding speakers, you can count on Leading Authorities, Inc. for support from the minute you book your next event speaker until the moment of thunderous applause at the end of the speech. For times when you experience a last-minute cancellation or need a speaker quickly, Leading Authorities, Inc. team will help make even the most challenging event, simple and straightforward.

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