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40 Female Keynote Speakers For Every Event

21 Female Keynote Speakers for Every Event

Have a conference lined up with a mostly male agenda? Want to add a strong female keynote speaker in a specific category? We represent many of the industry's biggest names.

Here are several lists of incredibly talented and top-booked female keynote speakers covering the hottest topics on the circuit today that we represent.

Female Political Speakers

  1. Amy WalterAmy is one of the best political journalists in Washington and an especially popular speaker in election and midterm years. She’s built a reputation as an accurate, objective, and insightful analyst with unparalleled access to campaign insiders and decision-makers. Amy talks about the electoral process, congressional culture, and the Washington political scene—as only an incredibly smart analyst with 14 years’ experience can.
  2. Mika Brzezinski: Mika is the award-winning co-host of Morning Joe and best-selling author of three books on women’s empowerment including Know Your Value. Mika offers women’s leadership presentations where she cites personal stories from her quest and presents tools and techniques for success at home and on the job. Mika also discusses the current state of Washington as well as President Trump’s style—why he loves being underestimated, how he views his allies and enemies, and his agenda.
  3. Dana Perino: Dana Perino is a revered political commentator and journalist, New York Times #1 best-selling author, and a former White House Press Secretary. A larger-than-life personality, she shares insights and stories in an entertaining look at politics today. She is also particularly adept at depicting how politics affects people outside the beltway, and she breaks down what organizations need to know about politics, offering a clear picture of the changes to come.
  4. Stephanie CutterFrom the White House to the campaign trail to the halls of Congress, Stephanie Cutter has been at the center of every major policy and political debate for the last two decades. A trusted advisor to America’s most powerful democratic leaders, she is the former Deputy Campaign Manager for Obama 2012. Cutter has an in-depth perspective to current political and policy debates, providing audiences with unique insights and analyses into competing strategies and potential outcomes on everything from the race for the White House and the biggest issues of the day.
  5. Ana Navarro: Ana Navarro is a well-known Republican strategist and a political analyst for CNN and CNN en Español. She speaks the truth without reservation and is respected on both sides of the aisle for her straight-shooting insights. Navarro passionately discusses politics, women in politics, and the important role Hispanic-Americans play and will continue to play in politics.
  6. Norah O’Donnell: As the award-winning co-host of CBS This Morning, Norah O’Donnell breaks down the big news of the day and interviews some of the biggest names in politics, entertainment, sports, and more. A top option for panels and fireside chats, Norah takes audiences past the headlines to get to the heart of the day’s most-pressing issues.
  7. Margaret Brennan: Margaret is the moderator of CBS News’ Face the Nation. As the second-ever female host of the flagship show, she is one of the most visible faces in news today. Drawing on her weekly interviews with major news-shapers, she swiftly cuts through the news of the day to share real insights on the issues remaking Washington.
  8. Mara Liasson: The award-winning National Political Correspondent for NPR, Mara Liasson has been in the spotlight in 2017 for asking whip-smart questions and maintaining her composure throughout heated White House press conferences. She uses an extensive knowledge of all things politics and policy to discuss trends beyond the Beltway.
  9. Amy Holmes: Amy Holmes is an acclaimed political commentator and host of PBS’s new program, In Principle.

Female Business Strategy & Consulting Speakers

  1. Angie Bastian: Angie Bastian, entrepreneur, co-founder and namesake of Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP, took a kernel of an idea and popped it into one of the fastest growing brands of natural popcorn. She and husband Dan founded their snack company in their Mankato, MN garage in 2001 as a means of creating a college fund for their children. Their gluten free, non-GMO, whole grain popcorn is proudly sold in natural food, grocery, club and mass retail outlets nationwide with a product presence in Canada, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and Peru. She shares experience-driven insights on making a brand stand out, excelling in a competitive marketplace, surviving and thriving through a rebrand, and female leadership.
  2. Crystal Washington: Crystal is a genius social media marketer. She runs her own consulting firm and has advised the likes of Google, Microsoft, and GE on the practical applications of social media.  She provides real takeaways that audiences will return to again and again—my coworkers all routinely use her LinkedIn tips for prospecting.
  3. Dawn Hudson: Dawn is the Chief Marketing Officer of the NFL and has twice been named to Fortune magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Women in Business” list. Her philosophy is that you can learn and contribute the most when there’s a crisis, and she’s a firm believer that it’s easier to drive change when things are in flux than when things are going well.
  4. Sarah Robb O’Hagan: Sarah is the former Global President of Gatorade and Equinox and the current CEO of Flywheel Sports. She helped transform Gatorade from a declining sports drink company into a booming sports fuel company with brand extensions featuring drinks, shakes, protein bars and more. Sarah is very high-energy and delivers practical insights, leaving her audiences freshly inspired to tackle challenges and disrupt their own businesses.
  5. Pauline Brown: Pauline Brown is former Chairman of North America for luxury goods powerhouse LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) and a Harvard professor. Touching on the breakthrough strategies that build consumer demand and loyalty, she explains why spurring desirability should be a brand’s primary focus in the age of Amazon—plus how to do it.
  6. Rita McGrath: Rita McGrath is a globally recognized management thinker and one of the world’s leading experts on strategy and growth in uncertain and volatile business environments. An associate professor at Columbia, she talks about the end of the competitive advantage and the new strategy playbook focused on creating an innovation pipeline.

Female Speakers on Motivation & Inspiration

  1. Lisa Jaster: Lisa is an Army Ranger and peak performance expert. One of only three women to graduate from the first integrated United States Army Ranger program—one of the most difficult combat training courses in the world—she lives by the motto “There is no quitting.” She shares highly-motivating stories of success and leaves audiences inspired to be the best versions of themselves.
  2. Susan O’Malley: Susan was the first female president of a professional sports franchise and one of our most-popular motivational speakers. She over saw the largest ticket revenue increase in the history of NBA franchises. Now a business professor, she shares hilarious and upbeat anecdotes and lessons learned from a life of unprecedented success.
  3. Laila Ali: Laila is a world-class athlete, fitness & nutrition expert, TV host, cooking enthusiast, founder of the Laila Ali Lifestyle Brand and mother of two. She motivates young women to find their strength, spirit, and power from within and uses her life experiences as examples of how to achieve success through courage, passion, and a positive mindset.
  4. Molly Fletcher: Called the “female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, Molly Fletcher is a pioneering female sports agent and CEO. She shares her unconventional and unique techniques that made her one of the first female sports agents in the high stakes, big ego world of professional sports, and now a successful entrepreneur.
  5. Col. Nicole Malachowski: Col. Nicole Malachowski is America's first female Thunderbird pilot, a combat veteran, and a former fighter squadron commander. She uses her time in combat as a metaphor for the changes organizations and individuals are faced with, and shares insights in leadership, fellowship, and overcoming adversity.
  6. Vernice Armour: First African American Female Combat Pilot
  7. Mel Robbins: Mel Robbins is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, TED speaker, and best-selling author who helps audiences quit procrastinating, become more courageous, set and accomplish goals, change for the better, and ultimately transform their lives with her “5 Second Rule” for success. Since discovering and implementing "The 5 Second Rule" eight years ago, Mel has become the most-booked female speaker in the world, an award-winning legal analyst for CNN, a contributing editor to SUCCESS Magazine, an internationally-acclaimed best-selling author, and the CEO of a media company that inspires more than 20 million people each month.
  8. Amy Purdy: Amy Purdy is an amputee, an Olympian, and a best-selling author on pushing past limits. A veteran of the stage who has shared her story around the world, Purdy recounts a sudden, near-death experience that resulted in the loss of her legs, and the extraordinary journey she has been on ever since. An expert in creativity and problem solving, Purdy empowers her audiences to believe that indeed anything is possible. She challenges everyone to see obstacles as opportunities all while sharing her mantra that Inspiration is Contagious. Since her accident, Amy has evolved into a powerful inspirational and motivational speaker who has literally been seen by millions of people and invited to share her story to audiences around the world.
  9. Carey Lohrenz: Carey Lohrenz is the first female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot and the author of the best-selling book, Fearless Leadership: High-Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck. Carey knows what it takes to win in one of the highest pressure and most extreme environments imaginable: The cockpit at Mach 2.
  10. Kristin Beck: Kristin Beck, former Navy SEAL and decorated civil rights activist. Kristin shares the incredible story of her life with audiences across the country, and touches upon themes of courage, leadership, and standing up for what’s right. Kristin explores the links between strong leadership and being an ally to those who are disenfranchised, and inspires audiences to find their voices and create better worlds for their selves, their teams, and future generations to come.
  11. Klyn Elsbury: Klyn is a best-selling author and motivational speaker who talks about her incredible life journey living with Cystic Fibrosis. In her tear-jerking speech “Using Adversity as Your Advantage,” Klyn talks about living each day like it’s your last and finding an appreciation for the world of possibilities that await when you’re prepared to throw aside self-imposed limitations. She reminds us all to live authentically, love deeply, and to recognize adversity as an advantage. After all, “Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments we create, that take our breath away.”  

Female Technology & Innovation Speakers

  1. Dr. Poppy Crum: A 2018 TED and SXSW speaker, Dr. Crum is the Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories and an Adjunct Professor in Computer Research at Stanford University. In fast-paced and thought-provoking presentations that encourage audiences to embrace new technology rather than fear it, Dr. Crum looks at how technology is starting to read human physiology to provide instant feedback that can enhance personal performance, health, and communication.
  2. Dr. Kate Darling: Dr. Kate Darling is a leading expert in social robotics and an MIT Media Lab Research Specialist. Dr. Darling looks at the emotional connection between humans and robots, why we try to project life onto inanimate objects, how that relationship will evolve as robots become more present in our daily lives, and what this all means for the future of our interpersonal relationships with other humans.
  3. Samantha Radocchia: Samantha is a blockchain pioneer and the co-founder of Chronicled, Inc., which was named "San Francisco’s Best Tech Company" by SF Weekly in 2018. Named to the 2017 Forbes magazine “30 Under 30” list in the category of Enterprise Technology, Radocchia talks about all things blockchain, looking at what it is, why it matters, and how it relates to industries from healthcare to retail to finance.
  4. Charlotte Pearce: Charlotte is a multi-award winning tech entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Inkpact. Inkpact is an innovative technology platform that allows brands to embed thoughtfulness into their marketing strategies at scale. The app allows email campaigns to be transcribed by hand, into beautiful handwritten letters with the help of a community of freelance creatives. Named ‘one to watch’ by Richard Branson and named to the Forbes “30 Under 30,” she discusses bridging the gap between humans and technology and how new tech can be used to create remarkable experiences for customers and stronger customer bonds.
  5. Lisa Monaco: The former Homeland Security and Counterterrorism advisor to President Obama, Monaco was responsible for coordinating the government response to issues ranging from terrorist attacks at home and abroad to cyber security and natural disasters. Drawing on first-hand experience and anecdotes, she explains why cyber security is an issue for the C-suite—not the IT department.
  6. Anjali Kumar: Anjali is a former senior Google and Warby Parker executive and author of the upcoming book Stalking God: My Unorthodox Search for Something to Believe In. She talks about the source of innovation, innovation as a continuous process rather than a singular idea, and shares the 4 ways to innovate that she learned at Google and Warby.
  7. Elizabeth Gore: Elizabeth is Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Dell (the person responsible for boosting innovative ideas at the company). She uses tactics like incentive programs to do this, and led the move of half of Dell’s 100,000 employees into communal workspaces. She talks about the “entrepreneurial future of work” and why brands must embrace a workforce/customer base that is changing fast.
  8. Sheryl Connelly: Sheryl has served as the in-house futurist for Ford Motor Company for over a decade. In this role, she identifies and analyzes global consumer trends to aide in the discussion of long-term planning and strategy across the entire company, including design, product development, and corporate strategy and help anticipate and predict the needs and desires of consumers. 
  9. Bettina Warburg: Bettina is co-founder of Animal Ventures, a venture studio and consultancy focused on building start-ups, educating executives, and designing comprehensive strategies to help large companies, governments, and SMEs take advantage some of the most advanced technology companies coming to market. Animal Ventures focuses on tech companies operating in verticals such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and Augmented Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and digital platforms. Bettina is a thought leader in the emerging blockchain space and leads the blockchain practice at Animal Ventures, including research, development, and commercialization across the ecosystem of blockchain innovation.
  10. Lauren DeLisa ColemanA successful digi-cultural trend analyst, author, speaker, consultant, and digital entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience working for notables from Snoop Dogg and Jay Z to Microsoft executives, Lauren DeLisa Coleman, is an expert at deciphering and forecasting power trends and public sentiment within the intersection of popular culture and emerging tech and the impact of such on business and governance. She helps brands and politicos understand how to create messaging that better resonates with today’s tech-savvy, pop culture millennials consumers/constituents by providing forecast and analysis on cultural trends, attitudes, and behavior as it all intersects with emerging tech usage.

Women in Leadership Speakers

  1. Dawn Hudson: Throughout her career, Dawn Hudson has worked with and led high-performing teams at major organizations including PepsiCo, where she was President and CEO, and at the NFL, where she served as Chief Marketing Officer. Hudson draws on real-world examples from successes and failures in her own life to showcase how she brings the best contributions out of team members and gets them functioning at their highest capacity.
  2. Carla Harris: Carla is the Vice Chairman of Global Wealth Management and a Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley. She talks with audiences about the components of positioning yourself to maximize your success as a leader in your current career environment or the environment that you want. She explores the concepts of performance currency vs. relationship currency, managing through and creating change, and how to be an impactful and influential leader.
  3. General Ann DunwoodyGeneral Dunwoody led the US Army Material Command and is our nation’s first female four-star general. She is widely renown as one of the military’s most talented logistical experts and has been a leader and trail blazer at each step in her career. She became the first woman to lead a battalion, has overseen budgets of $60 billion, led over 60,000 Army employees across 145 countries, managed the entire Army supply chain in Iraq and Afghanistan, and became the Army’s first female named General Officer of Fort Bragg. She was awarded her fourth star in 2008 and then she wrote the book, A Higher Standard: Leadership Strategies from America’s First Female Four Star General. Dunwoody is an expert in leadership, management, communications, and logistics. She has broken down barriers and continues to inspire others with her amazing story.

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