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1st Combat-Wounded Vet to Summit Everest

by Maddie Donnelly
First Combat-Wounded Veteran to Summit Everest
We wanted to let you know about an inspiring speaker we just got to meet, Sgt. Charlie Linville. Charlie stopped by our office to preview his terrific new motivational talk. A former bomb technician, Charlie is a speaker we’d recommend for a crowd that’s facing a challenging goal, dealing with an unexpected change, or recovering from a setback. 

While on his second tour of Afghanistan, Charlie risked his own life to do a post-blast assessment. During that time, a device tucked into the landscape exploded and his life was instantly changed forever. He had his right foot amputated after a 14-month-long stay in the hospital, but refused to be defined by his circumstances.

He immediately began training for triathlons with the goal of summiting Mount Everest in mind. In May, Charlie’s dream became a reality:

Charlie talks about his refusal to quit, how to stop saying “I can’t,” and why the most important step towards your goal is the very first one. He will leave your audience inspired to do and be more – and maybe even in tears.

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