2015’s Most Influential Political Speakers

Leading Authorities, Inc. is the source for the best political speakers in Washington. Not only do we represent top Republican, Democratic, and nonpartisan newsmakers, politicians, and analysts, we know everyone’s specific areas of subject matter expertise and can make great, targeted recommendations for your group. Below are handy lists for your reference:

LAI’s Newest Political Speakers:
Candy Crowley is CNN’s former chief political correspondent and former host of State of the Union.
Ron Fournier is the senior political columnist and editorial director of National Journal.
Kevin Kallaugher (Kal) is the editorial cartoonist for the Economist.

Political Speakers by Category:
Partisan and Nonpartisan Political Analysts
Political Leaders
Political Speakers under $25K
Political Analyst and Public Policy Duos

Political Speakers by Brand:
The Washington Post
National Journal
Real Clear Politics
Cook Political Report with Amy Walter
Rothenberg Political Report

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