25 Heroes, Adventurers, & Pioneers Who Inspire

From building great teams and battling business challenges to getting energized and persevering in the face of adversity, I’ve got a great list of speakers I thought you’d enjoy who offer hard-hitting takeaways and feel good advice for audiences across the nation.

American Heroes

  • Rob O’Neill, US Navy SEAL Team Six leader/operator on refusing to quit and successful missions
  • General Stan McChrystal, Former head of JSOC and author on leadership and teamwork
  • Rear Admiral Scott Moore, Former ST6 commander on building and leading “no-fail” teams
  • Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient and best-selling author on seizing opportunity
  • Greg Gadson, Disabled Army colonel on teamwork and camaraderie in facing obstacles
  • Michael Durant, Author and inspiration for Black Hawk Down on growth and adaptation
  • Admiral Eric Olson, First four-star Navy SEAL on leading peak performing teams
  • Jeff Skiles, Co-pilot of “The Miracle on the Hudson” on training, preparation, and teamwork

Adventurers & Athletes

  • Joby Ogwyn, Legendary wing-suit pilot and mountain climber on fully committing to a goal
  • Ben Saudners, Record-holding polar explorer and TED speaker on achieving the impossible
  • Erik Weihenmayer, First blind adventurer to summit Everest on leading a “no barriers life”
  • Amy Purdy, Amputee, Olympian, and best-selling author on pushing past limits
  • Matt McFadyen, Record-holding yachtsman on teamwork and testing human potential
  • Martina Navratilova, Tennis legend on overcoming adversity and keys to continued success
  • Tim Howard, Superstar men’s national team goalie on harnessing internal courage


  • Daymond John, FUBU founder and Shark Tank star on working to accomplish your dreams
  • Mick Ebeling, TED speaker, innovator, and author of the book, Not Impossible, which is about recalibrating your thinking
  • Johnny Cupcakes, Founder/CEO of Johnny Cupcakes on motivating fanatical customer loyalty
  • Leroy Chiao, Astronaut and entrepreneur on reaching for the stars and problem solving
  • Chris Gardner, Real-life inspiration for the film, The Pursuit of Happyness, on overcoming adversity
  • John Ondrasik, Platinum-selling Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasik on “what if”
  • Hugh Herr, Biomechatronics head at MIT on advancements for pushing human possibility
  • Ann Romney, First Lady of MA and author on what happens when life throws a curve ball
  • Patricia Wilson, TED speaker and Make-A-Wish mastermind on inspiring a nation

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