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3 American Speakers Coming To Europe

David Wasserman, Mike Steep, Anja Manuel

We’d like to make you aware of several top-booked American speakers travelling to Europe soon. As you know, when American speakers travel abroad this presents our European-based clients with an opportunity to secure an in-demand speaker at a lower rate.

If you are looking to book a speaker who can discuss both American and global politics including the effects of surging populism, a technology speaker who can dissect how mega tech trends will influence businesses over the next decade, or a global trends speaker to discuss how American foreign policy decisions will effect global business leaders, please consider these three travelling American speakers:

David Wasserman, Top Political Speaker & House Editor of The Cook Political Report

David Wasserman is one of the most knowledgeable political analysts on the lecture circuit today. He’s revered for his “scrupulously nonpartisan” voice and ability to combine numbers and trends to produce predictions. He published a piece just before the American election titled “How Trump Could Win the White House While Losing the Popular Vote,” accurately predicting the shocking outcome that hadn’t yet unfolded. He will be in London this September 2018.

Mike Steep, Executive Director, Stanford University’s Center for Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities

Before leading Stanford’s Center for Disruptive Technology, Mike Steep was the SVP of Global Business Operations at PARC Xerox. In that role, he advised senior leaders from brands including Airbus, BMW, and Google on transforming disruptive technology into bottom-line business opportunities. He is an excellent choice for groups who want a tailored overview of new tech (AI, quantum computing, and blockchain) and the ways it could apply to your specific business model or industry. He will be travelling throughout Europe this fall.

Anja Manuel, Expert on Global Trends and Markets & Principal, RiceHaldeyGates, LLC

An advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs and Silicon Valley C-suite executives, Manuel is a founding partner of strategic consulting firm RiceHadleyGates. In this role, she works with senior executives to evaluate strategic and political risk and to help them expand into emerging markets. She is a well-known voice on issues including the impact of US technology companies on Europe, and the ripple effects of Trump’s foreign policy plans on business globally. She will be in Europe several times this summer.

Please let me know if one of these US speakers aligns with the theme or topic of an upcoming event and our team can provide more information regarding speaker availability and pricing.

Here is an extensive list of the Leading Authorities, Inc. keynote speakers who will be travelling to Europe and Asia in the coming months.

Ready to book David Wasserman, Mike Steep, or Anja Manuel for your next event or meeting? You can call us at +44-203-440-4196 or live chat with a member of our team right now.

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