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3 Questions With Blockchain Pioneer Samantha Radocchia

3 Questions with Blockchain Pioneer Samantha Radocchia

Last week, our team was honored to co-host an event that featured several of our incredible speakers. One of them was Samantha Radocchia, blockchain pioneer and co-founder of Chronicled, Inc. 


Samantha explored why she believes blockchain is the operating system of the future, the problems that current exist in our operating systems that blockchain will address, and the many ways it will change industries ranging from manufacturing to retail to transportation.

Our audience of executives was captivated as she explained the “seismic shift” that blockchain represents, and why we have only just begun to understand the implications of new tools that will allow us to operate more efficiently, create trust in systems that are currently broken, create more custom experiences, and reinvent the supply chain.

Radocchia went so far as to compare blockchain to the advent of the car, stating that, while at the time of their invention, everyone thought all they needed was a faster horse, the automobile actually represented a shift in lifestyle and thinking that enabled many more businesses to be created.

For example, Radocchia dove into the ways blockchain technology will change the ways we pay for things. While we previously would pay for a coffee with a credit card, in this blockchain-enabled future, we might trade shares of something we something for a coffee. The ways we think about ownership, and the ways we organize our cities as a result, will change too.

She also talked about why this change can make businesses nervous, but will in fact address many problems we have today, such as an unclear understanding of who has our data and what it is being used for. 


In addition to her talk, Samantha sat down with our team to answer three of our most-pressing questions during our “Questions From a Bowl” challenge. Watch that now:

1. how would you explain blockchain to a kindergartner?

SR: I love this question! Basically, if you wrote something down in a coloring book, you couldn’t change it. And it wouldn’t just be your coloring book. It’s a magic coloring book. So, you put something on the book, and it shows up on everyone elses coloring books all around the world. But the problem is, you cant erase it. So once you put it there, its stuck there. 

2. What is the biggest misconception about blockchain?

SR: The biggest misconception that I love to talk about is that this isn't just a technology, or a ledger, or a crypto-currency. It represents such much bigger of an evolution of thought. We're talking about the ways we organize as people, and governments, and institutions, and culture. And so its representing this evolution of thought from trusting institutions and centralized parties to trust in a decentralized manner.

3. you have $50,000 to invest in a technology or technology company. How do you spend it?

SR: This is not investment advice; I feel like I need to say that disclosure! I would invest in infrastructure, or the tools that are going to support this decentralized way of life. I probably wouldn't invest in the output of the infrastructure quite yet, things like the crypto-currencies and the tokens. We're not there yet in terms of the development. 

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