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3 Speakers On Innovative Technologies To Watch In 2019

by Pierce McMahon
3 Speakers on Innovative Technologies to Watch in 2019

2018 brought a new wave of technological advances—from facial recognition to metal 3D printing to new artificial intelligence capabilities and applications. And, as technology is always moving forward, we are excited to see what this upcoming year has to offer.

For an overview of what’s to come in 2019, we turn to three of our technology speakers, who have recently discussed predictions for this coming year with various media outlets. Incidentally, almost all of these speakers focused on trends in the realm of artificial intelligence and robotics:

1. Kate Darling 

Robots in Workplaces, Households, & Public Space

Kate Darling is a researcher of Robot Ethics at MIT. Known for her work examining the ways robots and humans interact, as well as the social and ethical challenges that will arise as a result of robots increasingly occupying space in our lives, she spoke with NBC News MACH about her predictions for 2019. Talking to the outlet, she said, “Robots have been increasing efficiency on assembly lines for decades, and they're about to bring their skills into new areas: workplaces, households and public spaces.”

2. Neil Jacobstein: Innovations in Artificial Intelligence

As chair of the Artificial Intelligence and Robot Track at Singularity University, Neil Jacobstein recently shared his thoughts about robotics innovations with SingularityHub, saying, “I think one of the most visible improvements in AI [in 2018] was illustrated by the Boston Dynamics Parkour video." In the video, robots can be seen navigating obstacles and reacting in real time to environmental changes, just as a human would. Exploring the science behind the capability, Jacobstein said, It was due to improvements in AI algorithms and training data. The fact that it could be accomplished at all in 2018 was a real win for both AI and robotics.” Jacobstein expects to see even more strides in this arena this year.

3. Dr. Daniel Kraft: The Coming Medical Revolution

Daniel Kraft, who serves as the Faculty Chair of Medicine at Singularity University, wrote the lead article for a special 2019 issue of National Geographic. In this article, called “12 Innovations That Will Revolutionize the Future of Medicine,” Kraft talks about the things that will change medical practice around the world, including the use of something called “Robotic Support.” “Robots may participate in care during face-to-face encounters as well … equipped to ultrasonically confirm which vein is the best target, then draw blood or insert an IV,” Kraft said. He then added that, “in countries short on human caregivers, caretaker robots may be employed to lift and move patients, as well as interact socially. And robots programmed as physical therapy coaches can help patients stick with their exercise regimes.”


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