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3 Speakers Who Make the Impossible Possible

by Maddie Glading
Keller Rinaudo William McNulty Jake Harriman

Blink and it’ll be 2018. Motivate your team next year—take a look at these 3 inspiring speakers who talk about forging your own path, overcoming self-doubt, and maintaining a positive outlook despite big hurdles:

Keller Rinaudo: Keller’s the CEO and co-founder of Zipline, which uses drones to deliver medical supplies to the world’s most remote areas. Keller’s team has mastered something that the world’s largest tech companies haven’t figured out yet – scaling drone delivery to the national level. He’s recently been named to Forbes 30 Under 30, featured in a TIME magazine profile, and gave a TED Talk. His presentations are packed with lessons about rethinking business models to leapfrog the competition, and he shares why “innovation leads to more innovation leads to more innovation.”

William McNulty: William is the co-founder of Team Rubicon US, which deploys teams of military veterans in response to natural disasters (and is now requested globally by name by first responders—on par with the Red Cross). McNulty has led response teams in the aftermath of the decade’s worst disasters including Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. His talks are all about unlocking potential, building a purpose-driven culture, and turning challenges into opportunities.

Jake Harriman: Jake’s story will make you want to get up and do something. He’s a former Marine Commander who founded a unique non-profit aimed at ending extreme poverty in war-torn areas. Run by fellow former Special Ops officers, Nuru International worked with the Obama White House to set up a new outpost in Boko Haram territory in Nigeria. Watch Jake deliver the Presidential Leadership Scholars commencement address to an audience that includes Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. 

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