3 Strategies For Motivating A Millennial Salesforce


Brace yourselves! Statistics say that by the year 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. Motivating a generation that seems to not prioritize monetary compensation has brought organizational leaders a unique set of challenges as well as some fascinating solutions. Let’s explore how to inspire the new, largest generation of sales representatives as well as some effective methods to keeping them engaged and on board.

Motivating the Tinder generation to come in, pick up the phone, and form lasting relationships with their clients has proven challenging to many veterans who have always done things the traditional way: Work a 9-to-5 job, build your rolodex over time, dial for dollars, and go out for boozy client dinners. But there are more similarities than differences when it comes to Boomers and Millennials, and working well together often comes down to learning to see eye to eye and understanding what each party brings to the table.

Here are three tips for getting the most out of the millennial sales reps in your workforce:


    The traditional 9-to-5 job isn’t dead, but it will be soon. The good news is that 8 out of 10 millennials sleep with their mobile phones by them and have no problem responding to work emails and “staying on” outside of regular hours. Technology also allows for accountable tele-working and metric-based evaluation, both of which are viewed as perks by millennial workers. 

    We represent a plethora of speakers who address new and emerging technologies and innovations that will resonate with millennial audiences, such as:

     Dex Hunter-Torricke, for example, has worked to mobilize the so-called global generation, leading communications for some of the most-influential corporations of our day, including SpaceX, Facebook, and Google, and alongside some of the most admired Silicon Valley leaders of our day, including Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Having worked for several companies at the forefront of the movement to bring connectivity to human beings globally, Dex understands the challenges and opportunities presented by rapidly-advancing technology. In speeches, he reviews the trends he is seeing now in technology and culture, and looks at connectivity as a powerful universal force paving the way for the global century.

    Another great technology and social media marketing speaker, Crystal Washington explains the practical applications of technology and social media in plain English and offers tips for using technology to strengthen client connections without losing that personal touch. Her speeches are interactive, engaging, and actionable so your sales team of millennials can implement her tactics as soon as they get back to their desks.


    Societal contribution and meaningful work are valuable resources. And today, statistics show that millennials are three times more likely to dream of being their own boss than of climbing the corporate ladder. So how do sales leaders get the reps to stay at their companies? One way is by making sure that your organization’s story, and impact, is well told. One of the most effective methods for internal communication is to collaborate with an outside thought leader. Leading Authorities works with incredible speakers from the worlds of charity and philanthropy with presentations on doing good and running a successful business at once. These thought leaders can help your group find ways to pair your work with charitable causes or can themselves be great organizations to align yourself with.

    Here are four examples of motivational and empowering speakers that can help share the vision.

    Matt "Griff" Griffin, the co-founder and CEO of Combat Flip Flops, for example, delivers a moving and motivating presentation on the importance of being better than you were yesterday and building a purpose-driven culture. He also has a presentation on working with millennials.

    Olympic champion swimmer Katie Ledecky's motivational talks are centered on elite-level strategies for visualizing and achieving success. As a 10-time Olympic medalist and the most decorated U.S. female Olympian of all time in individual events, she draws from her inspiring personal journey to the winner's podium on the world's biggest stages to share a Millennial athlete's perspective on developing a "can-do" mentality, setting goals, maintaining discipline, overcoming obstacles, and reaching peak performance. 

    In addition, Scott Harrison, the founder and CEO of Charity : Water, worked in New York for 10 years as a club promoter before an “Aha!” moment led him to found a revolutionary non-profit because he felt that charity had developed a negative stigma and wanted to change conventional wisdom around what a charity could be. In honest, moving presentations he walks audiences through the steps he took to build his charity and how he continues to push for innovation through technology, new partnerships, and excellent storytelling.

    Patricia Wilson, the former CEO of Make-A-Wish, Greater Bay Area, granting more than 400 wishes per year for children with life-threatening medical conditions in northern California, is mission-based CEO committed to making the world a better place. Through uplifting and heart-warming stories, she shares the many lessons she has learned during her tenure in non-profit leadership roles, including the importance of building and retaining teams, creating an atmosphere of excellence, and she inspires the participants to engage in their own communities and be involved in the causes that are most important to them.


    In addition to embracing technology and reinforcing your organization’s impact in the world, another way to keep millennials happy is by making them feel appreciated and heard in your work environment. Let’s break that down:


    Successful leaders lead by example and encourage individual ownership of duties over micro-management. And more and more leaders are adopting the transparent, empowering leadership style laid out by General Stanley McChrystal in his best-selling book, Team of Teams. If your leadership team could benefit from a refresher on the importance of adopting 21st century leadership styles, McChrystal always impresses audiences with field-tested leadership lessons, stressing a uniquely inclusive model that focuses on building teams capable of relentlessly pursuing results. When old systems fall short, he believes true leaders must look for ways to innovate and change. Citing stories from his career, McChrystal reveals a four-star management strategy, concentrating on openness, teamwork, forward thinking, consensus building, breaking down silos, and leading a new generation.

    The generation that grew up getting participation medals and 8th place ribbons and trophies likes needs to know that they are doing a good job. Many managers are left dumbstruck by departing sales reps whom they never suspected as being unfulfilled. Did they ask?

    Millennials crave career progression and have become accustomed to instant gratification. This can be counterbalanced by setting clear expectations, goals, and defining the route to “level up.” Chris Gardner, the inspiration for the acclaimed film, The Pursuit of Happyness, talks honestly about his journey from homelessness to Wall Street, serving as a sobering reminder that hard work and perseverance cannot be left out of the mix while inspiring audiences to take advantage of their full potential.

As generational values shift, so too must the mentalities of the organizations who are employing this new workforce. After all, millennials are the generation that has already built revenue monsters like Facebook, Airbnb, and Lyft. 

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