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3 SXSW Speakers on Sparking Innovation

by Maddie Donnelly
SXSW Speakers on Sparking Innovation

We are proud to represent many repeat SXSW speakers who deliver extraordinary speeches on innovation. They discuss both shifting your thought process to solve an age-old problem and how to capitalize on technological advances to turn a new problem completely on its head. Take a look:

  • SXSW favorite Mick Ebeling is an inventor, boundary-pusher, inspirational powerhouse, and the CEO of Not Impossible Labs. Of one of his recent inventions—a 3D printer that creates arms for child amputees in war-torn Sudan—TIME magazine said, “It’s hard to imagine any other device doing more to make the world a better place.” His speeches move audiences to tears and inspired to be better and do more.
  • Marketing visionary Jonah Berger is a Wharton professor and the New York Times best-selling author of Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior. Jonah’s new talk, based around his book which was released this summer, looks at the ways companies and individuals can capitalize on social influence to persuade others and find new ways of getting ahead. His speeches often prompt one of those rare “Aha!” moments that get you to alter your thinking and re-evaluate a business or challenge in a new light.
  • Erik Weihenmayer is an inspiration: Despite having lost vision at age 13, he is an accomplished world-class climber, paraglider, skier, and kayaker. He has spoken at SXSW about leading a “No Barriers Life,” exceeding expectations, and developing creative and pioneering strategies to solve the unique challenges he faces. Another tear-jerker, it’s hard to not leave Erik’s talk feeling optimistic and motivated for a brighter future.

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