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3 Takeaways From Lior Zoref’s Keynote On Crowd Wisdom

Lior Zoref Keynote Speaker

Crowd wisdom expert, researcher, advisor, TED speaker, and best-selling author, Lior Zoref, spoke at the 2019 Inspire conference in DC. So what is crowd wisdom? It involves sourcing the collective opinion of a group, rather than relying on one individual for an answer.

Lior brought his larger-than-life personality, high-energy, and plenty of laughs to his presentation on why “WE is Stronger than ME.” And, as Lior does, he also delivered plenty of thought-provoking insights on how we can use the Internet, especially, to bring people together rather than pulling them apart.

Lior got his PhD studying collective intelligence and crowdsourcing. Here are three of the big takeaways from his recent presentation on the ways collective intelligence is changing companies and industries.

1. Draw on Crowd Wisdom to Make Better Decisions at Work and at Play

We regularly use tools that rely on crowd wisdom, things like Quora or Seatguru, in our personal lives. And many of us use the reviews and ratings on sites like Yelp and Amazon to inform purchasing decisions. So why aren’t we relying on crowd wisdom at work?

According to Lior, unlocking crowd wisdom within your organization can not only help you discover answers to difficult questions, but also realize problems you may have but never knew existed. Opening up the conversation at work to a larger percentage of your team, or maybe even to individuals across departments and seniority levels, opens innovation.

2. Go Ahead, Use Your “Loose Ties”

Lior has also studied the role relationships, or your network, plays in an individual’s success equation. As Lior explained, research shows that 80% of people get new jobs through weak ties—or the connections that are one-step removed from our close ties. So, a friend of a friend.

In addition to sourcing answers from those around us, we must not be afraid to use our loose ties to further our ideas, projects, and accomplishments.

3. EQ & IQ Are Important, But So is NQ

We all know the importance of IQ and EQ, or emotional intelligence. But Lior argues there is a third kind of intelligence: NQ, or network intelligence. Really successful people, Lior argues, use not only their IQ and their EQ, but also their NQ. Knowing when to use NQ to solve problems allows you to get better ideas much faster. The trailblazers we all admire likely know when to draw on IQ, when to draw on EQ, and when to draw on NQ, to tackle a challenge.

Whether you’re trying to achieve a big goal, find a new job, or transform your business or personal life, crowd wisdom may be the answer.

And be sure to check out our behind the scenes video with Lior from Inspire:


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