4 Must-See Event Headliners


Are you looking for a big name to get your audience excited? We recently made a list of energetic, original speakers who drive conversation and fuel enthusiasm at high-stakes meetings. We wanted to pass it along in case you’re currently researching for a big keynote presentation next year:

  1. Leave audiences with their jaws on the floor with Rob O’Neill, former SEAL Team Six Leader and best-selling author of The Operator: Firing the Shots That Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior 
  2. Inspire your team to bring their best selves to work every day with Gen. Stanley McChrystal, former Commander of US and International Forces in Afghanistan, best-selling author of Team of Teams and My Share of the Task, and top-reviewed TED leadership speaker
  3. Have audiences racing to get a seat as Former Director of National Intelligence and CNN National Security Contributor Dir. James Clapper shares personal stories from the Oval Office and Situation Room
  4. Bring swagger, laughs, and hard-hitting insights on the news of the day to your meeting with Jake Tapper, anchor of CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper and State of the Union

These speakers combine name-draw cache with presentations that consistently receive top reviews. If you’d like us to pass along speaking footage, check a date, or send over fee information, please visit the speaker page or live chat with us now.

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