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5 Speakers Who Bring Something Different To Meetings

Different and unique keynote speakers

Are you looking for something different than the traditional executive speakers for board meetings, at this year’s annual event? Do you have a hard spot to fill that needs to be both entertaining and packed with practical takeaways?

Here is a list of five keynote speakers who have presentations that are unlike anything your team has ever seen or heard before:

  1. Sekou Andrews, Creator of “Poetic Voice” & Inspirational Speaker
  2. Lior Zoref, Crowdsourcing Expert, Researcher, Advisor, TED Speaker, & Author
  3. Chris Voss, Former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator  
  4. Johnny Cupcakes, Founder & CEO of Johnny Cupcakes
  5. Alpana Singh,  Restaurateur & Master Sommelier

Keep reading for more information on each of these unique yet professional speakers for meetings below.

Sekou Andrews

Creator of “Poetic Voice” & Inspirational Speaker
Sekou Andrews disrupted what a conventional keynote speaker looks like and is a true unicorn in the industry. Powerful and with a unique ability to connect with audiences, Sekou’s motivational speeches are more performance than keynote speech and are each 100% customized. He grabs the audience through an emotional and intellectual connection while packing his performance with takeaways on the power of storytelling and the need to stay ahead of your industry’s emerging trends. At a recent speech in Vegas, Sekou kept getting interrupted by applauses because so many attendees just got into it. | WATCH SEKOU'S VIDEO.


Crowdsourcing Expert, Researcher, Advisor, TED Speaker, & Author
Lior Zoref has captivated crowds at TED, Google, and more, bringing the concept of “crowd-sharing” and “crowd wisdom” to life with hilarious and high-energy on-stage demonstrations. He illustrates why the best problem-solving is done collaboratively, and how to use your network (real and online) to more easily find answers to everyday conundrums. | WATCH LIOR'S VIDEO.

Chris Voss

Former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator  
Trained by the FBI, Scotland Yard, and Harvard, Chris Voss worked more than 150 kidnappings worldwide during his 24-year career with the FBI. He shares heart-pounding stories—detailing what it was like to talk high-profile criminals, including international terrorists, down—and pulls out the lessons audiences can learn about effective communication. | WATCH CHRIS' VIDEO.

Johnny Cupcakes

Founder & CEO of Johnny Cupcakes
Johnny Cupcakes has been named America’s “#1 Young Entrepreneur” by BusinessWeek for his zany and wildly successful ideas on creating brand loyalty and delivering a memorable customer experience. His brand “Johnny Cupcakes” has grown a cult-like following and, on stage, Johnny shares business lessons learned that challenge audiences to think about their organization in a new way while making them laugh and keeping them entertained. | WATCH JOHNNY'S VIDEO.

Alpana Singh

Restaurateur & Master Sommelier

Alpana Singh’s expertise stems from a highly attuned palette, but she assures audiences that everyone can develop one if they learn to stop fearing wine and just figure out what tastes right. From corporate parties and dinners with corresponding wine tastings personally selected for the event, to course by course “How to Taste Like a Master” interactive sessions, Singh’s presentations are lively, informative, and tastefully fun. Being a unique member of her industry’s elite group of specialists, she also uses anecdotes and personal stories about becoming the first Indian woman to vault to the status of Master Sommelier. She conducts classes, provides post-event mixers and instructional wine bars for attendees, and creates exceptional experiences that are the ideal pairing of the informative and the entertaining. And everyone walks away with a greater knowledge about not only wine, but about the surprising depth of their personal taste. | WATCH ALPANA'S VIDEO.


Hopefully, this list gives you a strong start to finding an entertaining alternative to your normal go-to professional speaker for board meetings. Find out more information about any of our these unique speakers, or check availability and fees for an upcoming event or meeting, by contacingt our team!

To get in touch with us right away, you can also fill out the form below, email us at Contact@lauthorities.comlive chat with a member of our team online, or call us at 1-800-SPEAKER.

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