5 Business Leaders For Your 2020 Events

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Today’s business environment is rapidly changing, and subject to ripple effects from both domestic and international events. In the midst of political and economic uncertainty, this is a great time to add a tested business strategist to your meeting agenda. 

Here are the five top speakers on business strategy and leadership for you to consider for your upcoming events in 2019 and 2020.


Read on for more information about all of these keynote speakers and click on the links below to check out each of their individual speaker profile pages to see their specific speaking topics and recent video footage.


Former Facebook, SpaceX, & Google Executive

Dex worked alongside Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, Elon Musk at SpaceX, and with Larry Page at Google. He discusses the intersection of technology and society and asks where tech companies must draw the line when it comes to protecting customers. He also shares anecdotes from his time working with tech giants to helps companies understand how to get ahead of the change and movements they drive. He is now based in London. | Learn more about Dex here.


Former Chief Executive of BT Group plc

One of the most influential leaders in new media and technology in the UK, Gavin Patterson served as Chief Executive, BT for almost six years from 2013 to 2019. Patterson is known for his work to transform BT with investment in fibre and 4G, the innovation of BT Sport and through the acquisition of the leading wireless operator in UK, EE. He draws on first hand experiences to share insights on putting the customer first, using technology transformation to gain a competitive advantage, and leading a business with a strong social purpose. | Learn more about Gavin Here.


Founder and CEO of Inkpact

Charlotte is a multi-award-winning tech entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Inkpact. Inkpact is an innovative technology platform that allows email campaigns to be transcribed by hand, into beautiful handwritten letters with the help of a community of freelance creatives. Named ‘one to watch’ by Richard Branson and named to the Forbes “30 Under 30,” she discusses bridging the gap between humans and technology and how emerging technologies can be used to create remarkable experiences for customers and even build stronger customer bonds. | Learn more about Charlotte here


Former Group CEO of BMW GB, Former CEO of Porsche GB, & Former CEO of Lamborghini GB

Few people have led the world’s iconic brands to new levels of success and managed successful turnarounds of failing companies like Kevin. Whether discussing rapid growth, the type of leadership that fuels success, or the roll-out of a new and unconventional strategy, Kevin always speaks from experience. Kevin’s talk centers around his motto, “There’s no excuse for not being world class,” and he shares the tools he used to build brands that can withstand anything: clarity of vision, creating a culture of success, rethinking self-imposed limits, and creating opportunities for those around him to step up. | Learn more about Kevin here


Former Head of Online Marketing for Virgin Group

Alex served as Sir Richard Branson’s right hand man, developing the Virgin Group’s global digital strategy in its entirety. Hunter draws on that incredible experience to share lessons about gaining new customers online, generating customer loyalty and viral word of mouth marketing, and creating a brand experience that propels people to be brand ambassadors for life. | Learn more about Alex here.


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