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5 Most Inspiring Stories on the Circuit Today

by Maddie Donnelly
Inspirational and Motivational Speakers
We know a lot of groups are feeling uncertain about what next year will bring. These 5 inspiring speakers talk about overcoming the impossible, pushing past roadblocks in search of untapped opportunities, refusing to quit, and maintaining motivation in the face of insurmountable odds:

Ben Saunders, World Record-Breaking Polar Explorer and Repeat TED Speaker |Video
Mick Ebeling, CEO of Not Impossible Labs, Two-Time Winner of SXSW Innovation Award | Video
Jake Harriman, Former Marine Platoon Commander and Founder of Nuru International | Video
Erik Weihenmayer, World-Class Blind Adventurer | Video
Joby Ogwyn, World-Record Holding Mountain Climber and Legendary Wing-Suit Pilot | Video

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