5 Speakers With Powerful Leadership Approaches For Your Next Event


Good leaders are vital for organizations that want to remain competitive, attract top talent, and make an impact within their industry. And yet, most organizations don’t train their people on modern leadership principles until after they’ve taken on management roles.

The following five top-booked leadership keynote speakers look at different essential aspects of modern leaders and provide five unique takes on what being a powerful leader means.

If you are looking to book a leadership speaker for your next meeting or conference, we encourage you to check out each of these five leadership experts, find out about their backgrounds and experience, watch their speaking footage, and think through how their perspective could inform and transform your audience's perspective.


Keep reading below to learn more information about each of these five strong leadership keynote speakers and find out more about their different styles and unique approaches to leading.


General Stanley McChrystal led a groundbreaking culture shift within the US military during his time as Commander of US and International Forces in Afghanistan. Recognizing a need to adapt to defeat an enemy that was structured in an entirely unfamiliar way, McChrystal led by example and encouraged all troops to share information more freely to eliminate silos. General McChrystal is also the author of the new book, Leaders: Myth and Reality, due out October 18th, 2018. He talks powerfully about “creating the right environment” of transparency for your people to understand their strategic goals and then execute against them.  |  Watch McChrystal discuss leadership and teamwork.


The former CEO of Starbucks and current President and COO of Albertsons, Jim Donald has been called a “Turnaround King” for helping struggling companies regain their footing. He attributes the record growth he led at Starbucks to identifying and fostering an “X factor,” and did it not with lessons learned at business school but by talking to employees on the front lines. Sharing the witty and wise lessons learned from the barista working rush hour or the evening maintenance worker, Donald proves that good leaders seek out valuable insights from unlikely places and never view themselves as more important than the people they lead.  |  Watch Jim Donald discuss 21st Century leadership.


The CEO of Flywheel Sports and the former president of both Equinox Fitness and Gatorade, O’Hagan’s is the author of the book, Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat. Her leadership philosophy hinges on an ability to extract peak performance out of everyone on a team by setting high goals and standards unilaterally. Passionate and high-energy, Sarah talks about the importance of communicating strong corporate values, piecing together unique skill sets, and working through intergenerational dynamics.  |  Watch Sarah Robb O’Hagan discuss how to create an extraordinary impact.


Former SEAL Team Six Leader, Robert O’Neill, faced several of the most high-profile and difficult war missions of our time during his near 17 years as a SEAL. A top-selling speaker who discusses motivation as well as leadership, O’Neill lives by his motto, “Never Quit.” Sharing compelling leadership lessons in fast-paced presentations, he brings to life the importance of resiliency and preparedness with stories from his time on roughly 400 combat missions across four theaters of war. |  Watch Rob O’Neill discuss his “Never Quit” mentality.


General John Allen is one of the nation’s most legendary military leaders and most respected thought leaders on US-global engagement and leadership of large, complex organizations. When President Obama created the appointment of special envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, Allen was the first American tapped to confront the Islamic State terror group. President Obama said of Allen, “American leadership of this coalition is making the world a safer place, and we have been fortunate to have a great patriot like John Allen leading our efforts.” Through eye-opening and at times emotional anecdotes about bearing the brunt of battlefield challenges alongside the people you lead, leading with both “heart and fist,” and why he believes we’re living amongst a new “greatest generation, “Allen inspires audiences to build more cohesive and adaptable organizations. General Allen also explores key tenants of strategic leadership, including resiliency, honesty, integrity, and transparency. |  Watch General Allen discuss the characteristics of a successful leader.


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