6 Cyber Security Experts On Challenges In 2019


Watching the fall out of the latest mega breach at a major US corporation? Determined to prevent your organization from ever being in that position?

These six top-selling cyber security speakers have talks on the big tech trends and security issues facing businesses today, and easy-to-implement tactics and techniques about how to tackle them.


  1. Gen. Michael Hayden, Former Director of the CIA & NSA
  2. Joel Brenner, Former Head of National Counterintelligence for the Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
  3. Dir. James Clappper, Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
  4. Lisa Monaco,  Former US Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor
  5. Chris Tarbell, Former FBI Special Agent 
  6. Greg Williams, Editor-In-Chief of WIRED Magazine

Keep reading to learn more about each of these tech and cyber experts and click on the links below to navigate to each of their individual speaker profile pages and find out more about their experience, accomplishments, areas of focus, and their speaking topics.


Former Director of the CIA & NSA

For a full overview of the scope of the threat… General Michael Hayden. General Hayden is the former Director of the CIA and NSA, and formerly the highest-ranking military intelligence officer in the country. Known for his candor and wit, he gives audiences the ultimate insider’s view into the cyber security challenges shaping our future.


Former Head of National Counterintelligence for the Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

For a review of how it got so bad – and what you can do about it… Joel Brenner. Joel is the former Head of National Counterintelligence for the Director of National Intelligence. In a tailored presentation, he discusses internet security and provides insight and practical strategies for businesses.


Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

For insight into America’s biggest security challenges today and tomorrow… Director James Clapper. The nation’s top intelligence official for seven years under President Obama, Director Clapper discusses what Americans are facing, what the intelligence community is doing in turn, and how this will all unfold as the world becomes more digital and the Internet of Things expands.


Former US Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor

For best practices illustrated through personal stories of managing crises… Lisa Monaco. The former US Homeland Security and Counterterrorism advisor, Monaco was personally responsible for managing the government response to the OPM cyber attack. Her speeches offer a blend of personal anecdotes, an overview of threats and bad actors, and her thoughts on best security practices.


Former FBI Special Agent 

For heart-pounding tales of tracking down cyber criminals in action… Christopher Tarbell. Former FBI special agent Christopher Tarbell is one of the most successful cyber security law enforcement officials of all time. A charismatic storyteller, he shares how he infiltrated and took down two of the most notorious cyber criminals in history while outlining growing threats.


Editor-In-Chief of WIRED Magazine

For a look at the overarching tech trends making cyber so complex… Greg Williams. Williams is the Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine, giving him a front-row seat to the technology advances making our digital lives safer—or more vulnerable. He explains why every business is in the “software business,” and why this will grow in importance as new technologies emerge.


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