6 New Speakers on Innovation, Motivation & More

Have you looked over our updated speaking roster lately? We have several names that we're really excited about at the moment, including—

  • Anjali Kumar: Former Google executive and Head of Social Innovation at Warby Parker, who shares lessons learned from 10 years working for two of the most innovative companies working in tech and retail
  • Mona Patel: UX expert, innovation strategist, and CEO of Motivate Design, who explains how to tap into your own creativity by reframing your thinking towards innovation and asking “What if?”
  • Anja Manuel: Former State Department diplomat to Asia, Silicon Valley advisor, and Principal at RiceHadleyGates, who offers powerful insights on the rise of emerging markets in Asia and beyond
  • Molly Fletcher: Pioneering sports agent and CEO, the “female Jerry Maguire” according to CNN, who talks about finding your competitive edge in order to unleash your potential
  • Major Lisa Jaster: First female Army Reserve Ranger and peak performance expert, who graduated Ranger School at 37 (the average trainee is 23) and lives by the motto “There is no quitting”
  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan: Former President of Equinox Fitness and former Global President of Gatorade, who is known for her transformative business practices, dedication to re-invention, and incredibly successful turnaround while at Gatorade

If you are looking for a different kind of speaker, we'd be happy to draw up a more specific proposal based on your needs. Just fill out the form below!

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