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6 Perfect Speakers For Your Next Sales Meeting

Sales Meeting Speakers

Planning a sales meeting for 2018? The best speakers for sales teams are able to share energetic stories while offering practical takeaways for achieving goals. Check out our recommendations below.

  • Ken Schmidt

    Former Director of Communications Strategy at Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Ken is the legendary director of communications at Harley-Davidson and offers a fun, high-energy look into how to drive sales by emotionally connecting with consumers. Whether he’s talking about how to leverage basic needs to improve competitiveness, build an entirely new corporate culture, or reach out to new customers in completely non-traditional ways, Ken never follows a predictable course. He’s also viewed as a “turnaround king” for his work taking struggling businesses, tapping into the positive ways consumers respond to their brand, and helping to build a booming culture around that niche. Ken’s talks are very high-energy, customized, and full of motivating examples of businesses getting it right and wrong. Pin-pointing how corporate culture either helps or hurts performance and customer experience, he offers an honest look at what we can all do better infused with his trademark business genius, solid strategic takeaways, and hilarious way of saying what everyone else is thinking. With years of experience leading businesses and speaking at sales meetings nationwide, Ken is perfect for your next annual sales meeting.

Moore shares what it takes to build “no fail” teams, covering leadership, trust, communication, and culture. He hammers home that SEALs do the impossible by tapping into the three keys of no-fail teams: Strong leadership, demonstrated trust, and dedication to peak performance. Scott’s presentations are action-packed and fast-moving. He weaves memorable lessons into unbelievable stories, sharing what it was like to serve as the negotiator during the Captain Phillips rescue, and how he felt as he oversaw the rescue of hostage Jessica Buchanan in the Horn of Africa—a life-or-death mission he knew was almost impossible. If you have a sales meeting focused on leadership, motivation, or teamwork this year, we encourage you to look at Scott—the former number two leader in the entire Navy SEAL organization. with years of experience in leadership and teamwork, Scott is perfect for your next annual sales presentation. 

  • Joby Ogwyn

    World Record-Holding Mountain Climber and Legendary Wing-Suit Pilot
Joby shares hair-raising stories about how to set a goal, create a plan, and take concrete steps toward achieving it. With gripping stories and jaw-dropping visuals, Joby explains how he overcomes fear and takes calculated risks. He also shares the business behind what he does – how he pitches projects to NBC, National Geographic, Discovery, and Sony Pictures and gets executives to buy into an $8 million idea.  He’s an engaging storyteller whose tales and visuals of jumping from mountaintops leave audiences spellbound, energized, and can motivate your team at a sales training to tackle any goal. With his experience, Joby is perfect for your next annual sales meeting. 

  • Jonah Berger

    Best-Selling Author and Expert on Why Things Catch On
Jonah offers salespeople a practical toolkit for selling anything and communicating ideas so that people find them irresistible. His high-energy speech on culture offers practical strategies for encouraging buy in and driving results, paired with incredible research-based anecdotes about human behavior. Jonah runs through how executives can reinvent their business model and incentivize innovation plus what disruptors do differently that makes them so successful. Drawing on success stories from companies including Uber, Gillette, and Chobani, Jonah offers a playbook for surviving and thriving in today’s marketplace. With years of experience leading businesses and speaking at sales meetings nationwide, Jonah is perfect for your next annual sales presentation. 

Erik motivates salespeople to lead a “no barriers life,” and shares insights on using adversity to their advantage and shattering expectations. Erik has built amazing teams to help him get through barriers and obstacles to the life he envisioned for himself. He has an amazing gift for connecting with audiences, and shares his messages of getting beyond negativity and seeing past limitations by recounting his personal experiences of climbing Mt. Everest and kayaking the Grand Canyon. He’s a speaker who has really “walked the walk,” and builds up audiences who need a boost. If you want to increase your team’s motivation, Erik is perfect for your next annual sales meeting. 

  • Chris Voss

    Former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator and CEO of Black Swan Group
A top FBI negotiator turned business consultant, Chris blends gripping anecdotes with lessons in negotiation. He shares the real stories behind high-profile international kidnappings and bank robberies and uses them to illustrate how to get ahead in any conversation or negotiation. Chris talks reading people, the art of persuasion, and protecting against your own vulnerabilities. He shares lessons about preparedness, calculated risk, why you want to get your counterpart to say “no,” and negotiating “as if your life depended on it.” For a fascinating take on how to negotiate successfully with anyone, we highly recommend Chris Voss for your next sales meeting.

For more information about these great sales meeting speakers’ availability and fees, give us a call at 1-800-SPEAKER or live chat with a member of our team right now.

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