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7 Perfect Sales Meeting Kickoff Speakers

by Whitney Sayce
Perfect Sales Meeting Kickoff Speakers

Planning a sales meeting kick-off for January? The best speakers for sales teams are able to share energetic stories while offering practical takeaways for achieving goals. Check out my recommendations below.

  • Ken Schmidt is the legendary director of communications at Harley-Davidson and offers a fun, high-energy look into how to drive sales by emotionally connecting with consumers.
  • Rear Admiral Scott Moore, the former deputy commander of Naval Special Warfare, shares what it takes to build “no fail” teams, covering leadership, trust, communication, and culture.
  • Robert O’Neill is a former team leader and operator with SEAL Team Six. He shows salespeople how to succeed, work together, never quit, and get motivated through adrenaline-pumping stories.
  • Joby Ogwyn is a world-record holding mountain climber and wing-suit pilot. He shares hair-raising stories about how to set a goal, create a plan, and take concrete step toward achieving it.
  • Susan O’Malley was the first woman to run a professional sports organization. Her “Seven Leadership Lessons” are warm, honest, hilarious, and immensely useful for salespeople looking to improve their business.
  • Jonah Berger is a best-selling author and popular Wharton professor. He offers salespeople a practical toolkit for selling anything and communicating ideas so that people find them irresistible.
  • Erik Weihenmayer is a famous, inspiring, and engaging blind adventurer who motivates salespeople to lead a “no barriers life,” using adversity to their advantage and shattering expectations.

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