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7 SXSW speakers on innovation, big data, VR

by Maddie Donnelly
SXSW speakers on innovation, big data, VR

Whenever experts and thought-leaders converge to share ground-breaking insights, Leading Authorities is there too. South by Southwest kicks off on March 10th and we’re happy to report that several of our speakers will attend and present on everything from the morality of big data to innovation within the Department of Defense:

  • Strategist and design think expert Mona Patel will offer a hands-on innovation workshop at SXSW aimed at showcasing the best tools for getting ideas flowing. Drawing on methods like “bodystorming” and the “What-if” technique, Mona’s workshop goes beyond just sparking ideas to actually develop a prioritized set of solutions and features ready to put into action.
  • Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx is sitting on a panel about the rise of driverless cars and the incredible economic opportunities presented by integrated technologies and digital cities. The panel will also look at the cooperation required among private and public sectors, and the massive transformation of the transportation system that’s yet to come.
  • Meet the Press host Chuck Todd is hosting a session called “Is Big Data Destroying the US Political System?”–which aims at understanding how and why everyone got the 2016 election so wrong. The big question: Has data helped to increase polarization and to short circuit our ability to govern?
  • Consumer Technology Association CEO Gary Shapiro will appear on a panel looking at the role of technology in giving back to communities. Evaluating the intersection of tech trends and moral responsibilities, this is a forward-looking conversation about corporate social responsibility.
  • Popular CNN Anchor Jake Tapper is going to moderate a conversation with Joint Chiefs of Staff Paul Selva about leading the Joint Force to embrace new technologies, expand its partnerships, and get comfortable with change.
  • Futurist and best-selling author Shawn DuBravac will sit on a panel talking about the ways Virtual and Augmented Reality are positioned to deeply change our culture—and our relationship with both the digitized world and ourselves. 
  • Lastly, Mick Ebeling has been nominated for his third SXSW Innovation Award for developing breakthrough wearable technology that helps deaf people hear music for the first time. The project has been dubbed “Music: Not Impossible,” and Mick will present it at SXSW.
Want to hear more about our speakers at SXSW? Send me an email and I’ll find a time for us to chat.

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