9 Innovation & Disruption Speakers You Need To Know Now

Worried about competition that’s running away at warp speed? Wondering how to create an environment that allows innovative ideas to catch fire? Want to boost a disruptive mindset within your senior and junior members of your ranks alike?

In today's world, the key to success is innovating in an era of disruption. Our speakers will motivate your audience and spark their imagination which will help companies that are on the constant lookout for breakthrough ideas.

These are our top recommendations for innovation & disruption speakers: 

  • To move past an outdated company culture… Jonah Berger
    A Wharton professor and NYT best-selling author, Berger looks at the science behind leading effective change, touching on how to overcome change avoidance, work around the “curse of knowledge,” craft new messages that encourage buy in, and communicate the reason for and vision behind change at a time when everyone will hear the message differently.
  • To take revolutionary ideas from concept to real products and services… Mike Steep
    Mike has worked with CEO’s and R&D executives from companies including BMW, Google, P&G, L’Oreal, and AirBus to transform technology disruption of their industries into new lines of business. Currently Executive Director of Stanford’s Digital Cities Program, he talks about where innovation comes from and how to blend ideas with technical expertise and business models to cure age-old problems.
  • To better understand why you’re falling behind—and how to catch up… Don Strickland
    Strickland is the mind behind the world’s first digital camera—an idea he took to the Board of Kodak while an executive there. When they refused to implement his idea, he left and went to work for Apple. Strickland talks about what it takes to build a really great company and how to learn to identify and adopt revolutionary change before it consumes you.
  • To re-imagine your business model or even your entire industry… Sarah Robb O’Hagan
    As Global President of Gatorade, Sarah transformed Gatorade from a declining sports drink company into a booming corporation with brand extensions featuring drinks, shakes, protein bars and more. As a GM at Nike, she rolled out the game-changing Nike Plus shoe technology developed alongside Apple, which brought fitness tracking into Nike’s business model. Currently CEO of Flywheel Sports, Sarah shows audiences how to disrupt their industry first.
  • To get past the “it’s too hard” mindset… Mick Ebeling
    Award-winning entrepreneur and inventor Mick Ebeling has passionately studied the concept of “impossible.” All modern conveniences were once considered impossible by people who didn’t know any better. Ebeling dives deeper into “impossible,” the underlying psychological effects it has on an organization, and how to overcome it so true innovation can take place.
  • To get an overview of the new technologies that actually matter… Shawn DuBravac
    Futurist and Consumer Technology Association Senior Director of Research Shawn DuBravac outlines the “5 pillars of our digital destiny,” which includes the continued proliferation of digital devices, increased connectivity, and the “sensorization” of consumer goods, among other things. DuBravac predicts which experimental technologies will stick and disrupt business models.
  • To hear from someone who did it… Doug Rauch
    How did Trader Joe’s, a company that started as a 7/11 knockoff, become the hottest retailer in America? Through his experience as President of the popular grocer, Rauch has learned to be a master of innovation. With the mantra “innovate or die,” he shows organizations how to consistently push for new and better ways to perform.
  • To manage the internal politics of innovation… Rita McGrath
    Innovative projects by nature threaten the status quo within an organization; being able to successfully navigate this political environment is essential. A Columbia Business School professor, McGrath discusses strategy, preparation, and specific moves for influencing key stakeholders and handling resistance. Participants think through a political analysis of an innovation or change effort they are currently involved in.
  • To better identify openings for innovation in a crowded marketplace… Paul Zikopoulos
    According to future trends expert Paul Zikopoulos, “every day we walk by solvable problems, leaving opportunities untapped.” The VP of Big Data Analytics for IBM discusses how working these “solvable problems” creates disruption in the marketplace, changing the way audiences look at their businesses in terms of potential sales, obstacles, and potential for growth.

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