AI, Blockchain, & Quantum Computing Speakers For Your Next Event


Technology disruption affects different businesses in different ways. Be it artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, breakthroughs in neuroscience, virtual reality (VR), or quantum computing, we have speakers who can address the topics of most significance to your sector and audience.


Here are five emerging technology, innovation, and disruption keynote speakers you may want to consider:

  • Neil Jacobstein, Chair of the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Track at Singularity University
  • Paul Zikopoulos, Author, Future Trends Expert, & VP of Big Data & Cognitive Systems at IBM
  • Salim Ismail, Former VP of Yahoo! & Former Executive Director of Singularity University
  • Dr. Michio Kaku, World-Renowned Theoretical Physicist & New York Times Best-Selling Author
  • Ramez Naam, Former Microsoft Executive & Energy Co-Chair at Singularity University

Learn more about each of these incredible AI, blockchain, and quantum computing technology speakers by reading their mini bios below, and clicking through to see their individual speaker profile  pages for even more information about their speaking topics.


Chair of the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Track at Singularity University

For an entertaining and incredibly visual look at the specific AI algorithms and human-esque robot technologies being developed across the world now, Neil is a top choice. His speeches are thoughtful and up-to-the-minute, and he uses stories from his time consulting with NASA, Boeing, and the U.S. Air Force to light up his overview of emerging AI and robotics. Learn more about Neil Jacobstein here.


Author, Future Trends Expert, & VP of Big Data & Cognitive Systems at IBM

A future trends, internet of things, and big data expert, Paul is an award-winning speaker known for high-energy presentations. He specializes in making sense of the latest tech advances and developments—including legislation passing through Washington—for audiences with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Paul can speak to specific developments, like the repeal of net neutrality, as well as the latest disruptive technology trends at large and what they mean for you. Learn more about Paul Zikopoulos here


Former VP of Yahoo! & Former Executive Director of Singularity University

Salim Ismail is a well-known Silicon Valley entrepreneur and executive and a best-selling author. He talks about accelerating change and the new breed of businesses scaling 10 times faster than established companies. He also focuses on the implications of big tech breakthroughs on both society and business, and offers his tailored perspective on the impact of technology to the specific audience at hand. Learn more about Salim Ismail here


World-Renowned Theoretical Physicist & New York Times Best-Selling Author

Dr. Michio Kaku is one of the most-widely recognized figures in science today. An international authority on unified field theory and the co-founder of string theory, he works with organizations to predict how advancing technology and trends will affect business, medicine, finance, and our way of life. He has written three best-selling books and his latest, The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mindwas #1 on The New York Times, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble best-sellers lists. It looks at the advances happening in neuroscience and provides stunning insights into mental illness, AI, and alien consciousness. Learn more about Dr. Michio Kaku here


Former Microsoft Executive & Energy Co-Chair at Singularity University

Ramez Naam is a former Microsoft executive, an entrepreneur, an inventor, and the Energy Co-Chair at Singularity University. Ramez spent 13 years at Microsoft, where he led teams working on artificial intelligence, big data, and internet search. His software has touched the lives of more than a billion people. He holds more than 20 patents, including several as a co-inventor with Bill Gates, and he speaks around the world on innovation and the disruptive power of exponential technologies. Learn more about Ramez Naam here

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