Ana Navarro on 2016, What's Next for GOP?

Professional headshot of Navarro

If you’ve been watching any political coverage, you’ve seen Ana Navarro. She’s been all over the news lately and a major hit on social media (she has 180k Twitter followers and counting). She’s also being requested by a lot of our top clients for her no-holds-barred look at what to expect on November 8th and well into 2017.

We came across this hilarious article featuring her last week (“11 reasons Ana Navarro is the Republican hero we all need right now”) and wanted to send it over. If you’re not familiar with Ana, she’s an amazing political analyst who’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind. Democrat or Republican, audiences resonate with --and are challenged by-- Ana’s insights.

Take a look at the article and her bio and let me know if she may work for an upcoming event. Please complete the form below for more information regarding available dates and fees.

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