Are These Speakers On Your Radar?


Hope your fall is off to a great start. I wanted to put a few new people on your radar in case you start getting asked, “What’s new?” or “Who’s hot right now?”

Jake Harriman

Jake Harriman is a visionary and innovator whose new approach to leadership has been recognized by the White House and the Dalai Lama. A former Marine who completed four tours of duty in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, he is the founder of Nuru International, a non-profit empowering leaders in impoverished, war-torn areas. Jake talks about servant leadership, empowering a new generation of leaders, and restoring great American leadership.

The “Paris Train Heroes”

Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos, and Spencer Stone made international headlines when they stopped a terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train with more than 500 passengers on board. They co-authored a book about the experience, The 15:17 to Paris, which is currently being made into a movie by Clint Eastwood. They will star in the film, out later this year. On stage, the lifelong friends talk about finding success on the other side of fear, embracing the unexpected, and maintaining the relationships you will one day need most.

Howard Fineman

Howard is a leading journalist, political commentator, best-selling author, and one of our funniest and sharpest political speakers. Clients love Howard’s larger-than-life personality and his stories, which draw on decades of experience at the heart of politics to illustrate lessons about today’s environment while entertaining audiences. Having reported on every campaign since 1984, Howard is now a commentator for NBC and MSNBC and the Global Editorial Director of HuffPost.

Dr. Geoff Tabin

Dr. Geoff Tabin is new to our roster and an interesting blend of innovation and motivation—his captivating speeches argue that we’re now living in an era where impossible problems can now be solved with the right mix of new ideas and determination. He is the founder of the world-changing Himalayan Cataract Project, which used technology to make eye surgery accessible and affordable in the developing world. 

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