Are You Taking Enough Risks With Your Events?


They say no risk equals no reward. Our most recent Association Leadership Awards event was full of calculated risks, and it paid off big time.

Starting with a theme of “risk taking,” we designed the entire event around risk, incorporating:

  • Multiple screens playing either the same content or matching pieces of sub-content throughout the event—we even built a video that played across all of them
  • A host who was sent strategically into the audience to ask questions and create an action-packed and engaged feel for attendees
  • Touch-screens with quizzes to help attendees determine their “risk profile”
  • A parkour stunt artist doing backflips live on stage!

From the questions our hosts asked to the video profiles we created that showcased a time our honorees took a successful risk, the entire event was cohesive and exciting.

Do you have an event coming up that could use a refresh? Please complete the form below so a member of our team can begin brainstorming ways to design an event that surprises and delights your members and guests.

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