Astro SEAL Chris Cassidy on Thriving in Clutch Moments


Just steps into a spacewalk mission, Captain Chris Cassidy was forced into action to get his fellow astronaut to safety following a leak in his spacesuit. It was a crisis unlike any he’d ever experienced and one where the wrong decision could have been fatal.

Lessons in Leadership from Out of This World

Sharing adrenaline pumping tales from the battlefield and space, CAPT Cassidy demonstrates how it’s in all of us to seize opportunities, shape them, take action to thrive in clutch moments, and be effective leaders.

As only the second-ever Navy SEAL to become a NASA astronaut, CAPT Cassidy spent close to three decades in various leadership roles —including platoon commander, NASA chief astronaut, and commander of the International Space Station (ISS) — ensuring mission success and the safe return of his teams through challenging and high-stakes environments across the sea, air, land, and in space. He made two deployments to Afghanistan and the Mediterranean and later accumulated 378 days in space and 54 hours of spacewalk time across three expeditions.  

From a Navy Captain who showed faith in him at a young age to selecting the next generation of astronauts to join the ISS, CAPT Cassidy’s story is one of taking chances, making decisions, and turning uncertainty into motivation to make an impact and succeed when everything is on the line.

CAPT Cassidy explains what it means to think on your feet, adapt on the fly, make high-stakes decisions, and lead through change using real-life examples in the video below. Check it out.

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