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Ben Saunders on Desert Island Discs

by Maddie Donnelly
Polar Explorer and Inspirational Speaker

Polar explorer and exclusive Leading Authorities speaker Ben Saunders appeared on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs on Sunday, 14 February. Following other recent “castaways” including: Bill Gates, Ronnie Wood, and Atul Gawande, Ben discussed his expeditions, his huge motivation, and his belief in human potential, solidifying his position as a pre-eminent adventurer and inspirational speaker. He also has some interesting music selections. You can listen to the segment here. It's a great way to get to know Ben—his relaxed and modest character really shine through.

Ben is a tremendous speaker who offers presentations on a number of subjects, including:

  • Achieving the Impossible. Showcasing spectacular visuals, a commanding stage presence, and funny stories, Ben looks at why “Impossible is just someone’s opinion.” He shares the keys to beating the odds and staying motivated even through challenges, risks, and setbacks. Stating that “No one else is an authority on your potential,” he discusses perseverance and insights about the traits we posses that can allow us to tap into our deepest store of tenacity. His message is one of inspiration, empowerment, and boundless potential.
  • Thriving in Challenging Environments. Believing that “we can all accomplish great feats through ambition, passion, stubbornness, and refusal to quit,” Ben shares stories about how to rise to the challenge in front of you and thrive in the most challenging environments. From pushing past mental and physical barriers to exploring your innate inner strength, he shows how to embrace adversity and challenge in order to reach their true potential.
  • Turning Ideas into Action. Ben explores the disconnect between ideas and action, challenging conventional wisdom, communicating with your team, and testing your sense of self-belief (which he believes gets stronger the more you use it). Through his journeys across the North and South Poles, he shows audiences how to fully commit to a vision in order to maximize their chance of success and offers tips on training, preparedness, and teamwork.
  • Managing Change and Adversity. The landscapes of the North and South Poles are constantly in flux, making the dangerous terrain one of the most difficult to manage in all the world. Saunders takes audiences on his high-stakes expeditions and helps them apply his hard-won lessons learned. From mental toughness and the importance of choosing the right team to understanding when to ask for help.

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