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Stress is an unfortunate, but often unavoidable side effect of our busy lives. We all want the ability to make the most of our time, but sometimes reality has other plans. Did you know that the average person has about 50,000 thoughts per day? We are busier than we thought, right? Whether it is dealing with heavy workloads, demanding expectations and the daily dramas that cause stress and burnout, everyone can benefit from learning how to manage their mental health and time more effectively.

Take time to raise awareness and check in on those with mental or behavioral health burdens. Here are some benefits to hiring a stress management/work life balance/mindfulness speaker for your mental health awareness event:

  • Increases productivity and positivity
  • Increases mind energy and creativity
  • Increases job satisfaction and motivation
  • Reduces staff turnover and recruitment costs
  • Increases company reputation as one that cares
  • Improves mental health

Mental Health and Wellness Speakers

Now that you know some benefits of hiring a stress management/ work-life balance/ mindfulness speaker, here are some dynamic professionals we recommend for your event if you are looking for a work life balance speaker:

wendy borlabi  helena boschi  romie mushtaq 

 lisa sun  Katie Ledecky  sarah robb  o'hagan  

poppy jamie  dede halfhill   ivan joseph  

sebastian terry  neil pasricha  bert jacobs

Dr. Wendy Borlabi

High-Performance Expert, Director of Performance and Mental Health for the Chicago Bulls

Dr. Wendy Borlabi is a leading elite performance psychologist who works with world-class athletes and Fortune 500 companies alike to provide individuals and teams the tools and resources they need to perform at the highest levels. In her talks, she explores the parallels of high performance in sports and business, and shares proven strategies anyone can implement to achieve their goals, and beyond. 

Helena Boschi

World Renowned Applied Neuroscience Psychologist

Dr. Helena Boschi is a psychologist who focuses on applied neuroscience in the work place. Her particular areas of interest include the brain and behaviour, our emotional and rational neural networks, and how to improve our cognitive abilities in order to get the best out of our own and others’ brainpower. Helena has also researched the influence of cognitive biases and corporate psychopathy across different organisations. Recently, she investigated the impact of chronic, work-induced stress on brain function and published a book called Why We Do What We Do: Understanding Our Brain to Get the Best Out of Ourselves and Others.

Dr. Romie Mushtaq

Neurologist & Chief Wellness Officer for Evolution Hospitality

Dr. Romie brings together Western medicine and Eastern wisdom to help individuals and audiences learn to heal from stress-based illnesses, achieve peak performance, and harness the power of mindful leadership. All of Dr. Romie's programs are based in neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness. Dr. Romie has also traveled the world learning various mindfulness and yoga techniques, and combines her unique skill set to discuss the neuroscience behind mindfulness. A highly sought after professional speaker for corporations and associations, Dr. Romie has a gift for translating complex medical and scientific principles into easy to comprehend information. Her wisdom is featured in her TEDx talk, The Powerful Secret of Your Breath.

Lisa Sun

Founder & CEO, GRAVITAS, Former Associate Principal in McKinsey’s Global Fashion Practice

Lisa Sun seamlessly blends her personal story and the launch of GRAVITAS to showcase the power of confidence, harnessing your “superpower,” and a strong purpose to work through even the most difficult business environments and make positive situations even better.

Katie Ledecky

Olympic Champion Swimmer; 10x Olympic Medalist, 19x World Champion, 14x World Record Breaker

An undeniable "G.O.A.T." both in and out of the pool, Katie Ledecky is one of the most dominant athletes the world has seen, and continues to shatter records and raise the bar at the highest levels of swimming. She gets audiences energized and re-focused as she shares her elite-level insights and action steps for how to take the lead and keep the lead in any endeavor. Ledecky uses her incredible story of winning her first Olympic medal at age 15 and going on to become one of the most celebrated athletes of her generation to inspire groups to develop a winner's mentality and use their setbacks as fuel for their future successes. 

Sarah Robb O’Hagan

Legendary Business Leader, CEO of EXOS, Former CEO of Flywheel Sports, Former Global President of Gatorade, Former Marketing Director at Nike, Founder & Author of "Extreme You: Step Up, Stand Out, Kick Ass, Repeat"

Described by the media as everything from “Superwoman undercover” to “The Pied Piper of potential,” Sarah Robb O’Hagan is an executive, activist, entrepreneur, and founder of Extreme Living—a company designed to help individuals, teams, and organizations play to their highest potential. She is now the CEO of EXOS, the world leader in elite performance training that helps people reach higher and achieve more.

Poppy Jamie

Founder of Happy Not Perfect, Co-Founder of Pop & Suki, and Mental Health Advocate

Poppy Jamie is an entrepreneur, influencer, and rising star in the mental health and mindfulness space. She is the founder of the mental wellbeing app and corresponding product line Happy Not Perfect – which looks at mindfulness in a new way to guide its 100,000 users to feel happier, calmer, and less anxious. A deeply personal project combining behavioral scientific research, inspiration from her mother, and real life-experience, Poppy created Happy Not Perfect to inspire and empower people to care about their brains and thoughts with the same vigilance they tend to their faces and bodies.

DeDe Halfhill

Renowned Leadership Expert and Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Described by Dr. Brené Brown as one of her “leadership heroes and a total badass,” U.S. Air Force retired Colonel, DeDe Halfhill is a proven leader and communications executive who draws on her 25-year accomplished military career to provide a transparent, real-world perspective on the power of embracing humanness and vulnerability in leadership.

Dr. Ivan Joseph

Award-Winning Performance Coach, Leadership and Cultural Transformation Expert

Dr. Ivan Joseph is an award-winning coach, educator, and leader who inspires individuals and teams to maximize their full potential at work, and in their everyday lives. He's a talented storyteller who blends gripping anecdotes with PhD research to share proven strategies for how to build industry-dominating teams, unlock individual and collective potential, and lead with impact. 

Sebastian Terry

Author, TV Host, and Founder of 100 Things Philanthropic Movement

Affected by a curious mind and the death of a close friend, Sebastian experienced a moment in his life where he asked himself a simple question; ‘Am I happy?’. The answer was NO and so he decided to pen down a list of 100 Things that he’d always wanted to achieve. Following his heart and armed with nothing but a list, Sebastian's incredible story has grown from an entertaining tale of adventure into a global philanthropic movement that engages a growing tribe of hundreds of thousands to not just set meaningful goals, but also pull the trigger and achieve them – all while helping others do the same.

Neil Pasricha

Leadership and Happiness Expert

After graduating from Harvard Business School, Neil Pasricha spent a decade as Director of Leadership at Walmart, the world’s largest company. While there he wrote the 50-million-hit, award-winning blog 1000 Awesome Things and the New York Times bestsellers: The Book of Awesome and The Happiness Equation which have been on international bestseller lists for over 200 weeks and sold over a million copies. Neil’s research and books on happiness, mindset, and human potential have received attention from Harvard Business Review, The New Yorker, The Sunday Times, CNN, and BBC.

Bert Jacobs

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Optimist of "Life is Good"

Bert Jacobs is the co-founder and CEO (Chief Executive Optimist) of Life is Good, which spreads the power of optimism through inspiring art, a passionate community, and groundbreaking non-profit work. Bert and his brother John launched their business with $78 in their pockets, selling T-shirts in the streets of Boston and at college dorms up and down the East Coast. Today, Life is Good is a $100 million positive lifestyle brand sold by over 2,000 retailers across the US and Canada. 

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” - Dolly Parton

The greatest gift you can provide your workforce is the ability to make a good living and live a healthy, well-balanced life.


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