Best Speakers For Your Kick-Off Meetings

Are you working on a kick-off meeting? Here are our recommendations for motivational speakers with great energy and messages:

  1. Ken Schmidt
  2. Alex Hunter
  3. Molly Fletcher
  4. Rob O'Neill
  5. Ryan Estis
  6. Crystal Washington
  7. Chris Voss
  8. Adam Sharp

Ken Schmidt

Legendary keynote speaker and former director of communications strategy at Harley-Davidson shares how it became a “tattoo-worthy” brand

Read more about Ken Schmidt here

Alex Hunter

 Former head of online marketing for Virgin Group who is known for launching Virgin America’s innovative brand strategy and talks about creating emotional connections with consumers

Read more about Alex Hunter here

Molly Fletcher

Pioneering female sports agent and CEO hailed as the “female Jerry Maguire” by CNN explains why it’s so important to “fill in the gaps” in your clients lives

Read more about Molly Fletcher here

Rob O’Neill

Former SEAL Team Six Leader known for his jaw-dropping stories and visuals and his mantra of “Never Quit”

Read more about Rob O'Neill here

Ryan Estis

Business performance expert named one of “the best keynote speakers ever heard” by Meetings & Conventions magazine who helps companies brace for the future of work

Read more about Ryan Estis here

Crystal Washington

Social Media Marketing Strategist & Author

Read more about Crystal Washington here

Chris voss

Former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator and CEO of Black Swan Group

Read more about Chris Voss here

Adam Sharp

Former Head of News, Government, and Elections at Twitter

Read more about Adam Sharp here

If you’re interested in hearing more about these speakers, or would like additional recommendations in any specific topic area, please contact us or chat with us now.

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