Big Picture Speakers On A Post-Election World

Big Picture Speakers on a Post-Election World

Who will be speaking to your group or clients about the post-election business environment? Where will the opportunities lie and what can you do to prepare?

If you’re looking for an expert to deliver a White House-caliber briefing on issues including the economy, trade, market volatility, and security, consider these highly sought-after speakers:

General John Allen is the former head of NATO forces in Afghanistan. Personally appointed by President Barack Obama as the first American to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, he is a fresh and thoughtful thinker on what’s happening in the world. What Allen does so well is translate how security challenges will likely play out while captivating audiences with powerful stories from his time leading the military.

General Michael Hayden is the former director of the CIA and the former director of the NSA—meaning he was once the highest-ranking military intelligence officer in the country. He knows what’s going on in every corner of the globe and on the web and delivers top-level insights on geopolitics and cyber security intelligence, including whether businesses will ever be allowed to “punch back.”

All three of these speakers are great individually, as part of a “big picture” series, or on panels on geopolitics or security. Please fill our the form below if you’d like more information or to check rates or availability.

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