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Black History Month Speakers

Black History Month Speakers

Black History Month is almost here. If your group would benefit from the perspective of a Black History Month speaker, we have assembled a great list of highly-accomplished individuals from government to business to media and even sports for you to consider bringing to your next event or meeting stage.

Top Black History Month Speakers

  1. Carla Harris
  2. Anthony Foxx
  3. Laila Ali
  4. Greg Gadson
  5. Donna Brazile
  6. Bakari Sellers
  7. Vernice Armour 
  8. Chris Gardner
  9. Crystal Washington
  10. Jonathan Capehart
  11. Shellye Archambeau
  12. Gianno Caldwell
  13. Amy Holmes
  14. Earvin Magic Johnson
  15. Daymond John
  16. Kimberly Bryant
  17. Lauren DeLisa Coleman
  18. Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi

Keep reading to learn more about each of these fabulous female entrepreneurial geniuses and click on the links below to browse through each of their individual speaker profile pages and find out more about their speaking topics and expertise.

  • carla harris

    Vice Chairman Of Global Wealth Management & Senior Client Advisor At Morgan Stanley

Carla Harris is the Vice Chairman of Global Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, who talks audiences through “Carla’s Pearls,” her evergreen wisdom for getting ahead. Carla Harris speaks powerfully about the proven strategies that have helped her get ahead on Wall Street. With this presentation, she shares her hard-won "Pearls" to help audiences maximize their chance for success in the seat they are sitting in as well as their odds of reaching the seat they aspire to sit in. | See more on Carla Harris here.

Sec. Anthony Foxx is a digital cities and Internet of Things (IoT) visionary. While he was Secretary of Transportation Foxx launched the Smart City Challenge, a national competition to embrace data-driven ideas in transportation. He also worked with companies like Tesla and Uber on developing guidelines for autonomous cars. He speaks to the ways our cities and businesses will change as a result of AI and robotics.

  • Laila Ali

    Mom, Wife, Boxing Champion and Elite Athlete, Fitness & Nutrition Expert, TV Host and Cooking Enthusiast, Beauty and Lifestyle Brand CEO, Actress, Advocate for Women and Children, Author, & Speaker

Laila Ali is a four-time boxing world champion, fitness and nutrition expert, TV host, cooking enthusiast, founder of the Laila Ali Lifestyle Brand and mother of two. She motivates young women to find their strength, spirit, and power from within and uses her life experiences as examples of how to achieve success through courage, passion, and a positive mindset. 

  • Greg Gadson

    Decorated Army Commander & New York Giants Honorary Captain

Retired US Colonel Greg Gadson has survived the very worst of war, but this highly-decorated American soldier has not been defeated by unfortunate circumstances. Gadson speaks with fervor about the crucial role teamwork and camaraderie play when facing life’s obstacles. He applies his story of personal adversity to every level of an organization, showing how every team depends on every one of its players.

  • Donna Brazile

    Renowned Political Strategist & Commentator and Former Interim Chair of the DNC

Political Strategist, Donna Brazile, is the former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), as well as a, professor, author, and commentator. She was also the first African American woman to manage a US presidential campaign. Her southern charm, big personality, and hilarious anecdotes make her an instant audience favorite. She is known for her ability to expertly analyze the political climate and the driving factors behind it. 

  • Bakari Sellers

    CNN Analyst and Former Representative from South Carolina

Bakari Sellers is the youngest-ever member of the South Carolina state legislature and offers passionate political and social commentary and analysis informed by first-hand experience. As a rising voice in the Democratic party, he is a great speaker to provide insights into the current political landscape.

Vernice "FlyGirl" Amour talks about how after the Combat Exclusion Policy was overturned by the Pentagon in 1994, she came across a female pilot at an ROTC career day and a dream was first born. She went on to become a Captain, serve two tours in Iraq, and write the book, Zero to Breakthrough: The 7-Step Battle-tested Method for Accomplishing Goals That Matter

  • Chris Gardner

    Founder of Brokerage Firm Gardner Rich & Inspiration for the Hollywood Film, The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner is the author of the 2006 autobiography, The Pursuit of Happyness, a New York Times and Washington Post #1 best-seller that has been translated into over forty languages. Gardner is also the inspiration for the acclaimed movie The Pursuit of Happyness for which Will Smith, starring as Gardner, received Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Academy Award nominations for his performance. 

Crystal Washington is a social media and tech trends guru who helps teams fuel growth and sales by using technology to enhance interpersonal relationships. She uses her insights in social media and trends to explain how your company can use the current technology to remain innovative. In her talk, among other things, she explains what the current internet landscape means for recruitment, client engagement, and brand differentiation. 

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jonathan Capehart is a member of The Washington Post editorial board, writes about politics and social issues for the PostPartisan blog, and hosts the Post’s “Cape Up” podcast. He is also an MSNBC Contributor who regularly serves as a substitute anchor. Known for his insightful, hard-hitting reporting and writing, as well as his eloquent, witty, and thought-provoking commentary.

Shellye Archambeau has proven global business expertise combined with public policy passion. She shares her powerful personal story of overcoming the odds to achieve enormous success, and provides audiences with the four-step framework she has used throughout her entire life to achieve happiness and prosperity in her personal and professional lives. 

  • Gianno caldwell

    Fox News Political Analyst & Founder of Caldwell Strategic Consulting

Gianno Caldwell frequently provides analysis and commentary on Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, CNN, HLN, BET, TV One, as well as various national news networks. He is also a contributor to The Hill Newspaper. His opinions are sought out on a wide variety of topics including domestic policy, the economy, and Congress. 

  • Amy holmes

    Acclaimed Political Commentator & Host of PBS' In Principle

Amy Holmes is a familiar face with an unconventional voice in political news. As an on-air political analyst, Amy dissects and debates the issues of the day, appearing regularly on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and PBS. She is co-host of the new PBS weekly show In Principle, where she will be conducting serious, thought provoking, in-depth interviews with the nation's leading thinkers and newsmakers. 

Having left the basketball court for the boardroom, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has successfully parlayed his skills and tenacity from the court into the business world as Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE). MJE provides high-quality products and services that focus primarily on ethnically diverse and underserved urban communities. 


    Founder of FUBU & Star of ABC's Hit Show, Shark Tank

A young entrepreneur, industry pioneer, highly-regarded marketing expert and a man who has surpassed new heights of commercial and financial success are just a few ways people have described Daymond John. He is the founder of FUBU and Star of ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, who inspires audiences to achieve the impossible by cultivating the goal-setting mentality he’s used all his life. Over the last 20 years, Daymond John (The Shark) has evolved from one of the most successful fashion icons of his generation to a highly-sought after branding expert, author, consultant, and as a speaker in business and motivational genres. From guerrilla marketing and branding techniques, to using cutting-edge innovation with social media, he is one of the top business strategists. Daymond provides attendees with proven tips on negotiating, boosting sales, and increasing productivity within the team. | See more on Daymond John here.


    Founder & CEO of Black Girls CODE and Aspen Institute Fellow

Coming from humble beginnings, Kimberly Bryant is no stranger to hard work. As a young girl, she developed an uncommon passion for math and science which eventually lead her to the prestigious Vanderbilt University where she majored in Electrical Engineering and minored in Math. Often being the only minority in her classes, she entered the work force in the same predicament. This disconnect continued into her professional life and eventually broached her personal life. Kimberly’s daughter, Kai, inherited the same interest in math and science and the same lack of access to opportunities in the tech space as young girl of color. So, in 2011, Kimberly founded Black Girls CODE, a non-profit organization dedicated to “changing the face of technology” by introducing girls of color (ages seven to seventeen) to the field of technology and computer science with a concentration on entrepreneurial concepts. As Oprah describes, Black Girls CODE is “the first organization of its kind.”           

  • lauren delisa coleman

    Digi-Cultural Trend Analyst, MSNBC Commentator, Forbes Contributor, & Inc. Columnist 

A successful digi-cultural trend analyst, author, speaker, consultant, and digital entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience working for notables from Snoop Dogg and Jay Z to Microsoft executives, Lauren DeLisa Coleman, is an expert at deciphering and forecasting power trends and public sentiment within the intersection of popular culture and emerging tech and the impact of such on business and governance. She helps brands and politicos understand how to create messaging that better resonates with today’s tech-savvy, pop culture millennials consumers/constituents by providing forecast and analysis on cultural trends, attitudes, and behavior as it all intersects with emerging tech usage. | Read more about Lauren DeLisa Coleman.


    Astrophysicist, Space Science Education Lead for NASA, & Inspirational Speaker

Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi is a renowned scientist who has worked on Nobel Prize-winning teams and created 12 patents globally on manufacturing computer chips. He shares his powerful story of overcoming class and race barriers to become a leading astrophysicist, educator, and advocate.

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