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Book IBM’s Top Futurist for Your Event

by Maddie Donnelly
Expert on Future Trends and Innovation

Are you looking for a speaker who can explain how innovation will affect your bottom line? Searching for a future trends expert who can help your team reevaluate their potential sales, obstacles, and growth—in plain English?
Paul Zikopoulos, VP of Big Data Analytics at IBM, has been at IBM for 21 years, and has seen first-hand how to use technological advancement to overtake the competition. He’s the antithesis of what most people envision when they hear “big data analysis”—he’s energetic, conversational, and uses visual and tech aides to break apart the confusing jargon that often surrounds innovation. He’s an authority on disruption and is able to speak to how things like GPS and social media data will influence future relationships and brand loyalties.
Paul is an ideal speaker for any event focused on future trends, innovation, and market disruption.

If you’re interested in checking Paul’s availability for an event, please fill out the form below.

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