Book a Speaker With a Global Perspective

Today’s business environment is rapidly changing, and subject to ripple effects from both domestic and international events. With political and economic uncertainty, 2016 is a great year to add a global perspective to your meeting agenda. Here are 3 areas where our international leaders shine:

Former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)
Sir John Scarlett discusses the unpredictable and rapidly changing global landscape, and touches on global hotspots, the factors that should be influencing investment decisions, and cyber security.

Former Leader of the British House of Commons and Former Foreign Secretary
William Hague addresses shifting global alliances and what a “Brexit” from the EU would mean for global economies, businesses, security, and international diplomacy. He draws on his personal experiences with global leaders to stimulate a thought-provoking debate on a wide variety of economic and political issues.

Former Head of Brands at British Airways and Former CEO of Eurostar and Sainsbury’s Bank
Hamish Taylor is an expert on breakthrough thinking and a rare combination of fantastic speaker and someone who has actually done it. Hamish discusses innovation, leadership, performance, and customer engagement, and uses personal anecdotes and humorous stories from his various business leadership roles to illuminate the importance of international brand positioning and global marketing.

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