Brexit Speakers on What's Next

The whole world is buzzing with the results of yesterday’s Brexit vote and Prime Minister David Cameron’s resignation. What will this mean for the global economy and businesses in the U.S.?

These six speakers—who together possess some of the most valuable geopolitical, intelligence, and national security experience in the U.S. and U.K.—discuss what the decision to leave means for businesses, the global economy, culture, trade and security:

Rt. Hon. William Hague: Hague is the former U.K. Foreign Secretary and the former leader of the Conservative Party, making him expertly positioned to comment on U.K.’s place on the global stage, and especially how a vote could alter the U.K.’s international presence and relations with other nations.

Sir John Scarlett: Scarlett is the former chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service and a geopolitical and national security expert. He offers audiences a global overview, looking at emerging and declining powers, shifting alliances, and the ripple effects of major events like Brexit.

Gen. Michael Hayden: The former director of the CIA and the NSA (and the only person to have ever led both security agencies), Gen. Hayden possesses an unmatched understanding of global hotspots including the ramifications of a vote to leave on U.K. and U.S. security, economic, and internal political issues.

Ambassador Nick Burns: Burns is the former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs and formerly the highest-ranking member of the Foreign Service. One of the most respected speakers on U.S. foreign policy and diplomacy, Burns provides unparalleled expertise on topics ranging from globalization and America’s future to how specific economies affect the global stage.

Diane Swonk: World-renowned economist Diane Swonk has already appeared multiple times on major news networks since the announcement of the Leave campaign victory in the U.K. Listed as one of the “Top Forecasters in the Country” by the Wall Street Journal and rated as one of the most accurate economic forecasters by MSNBC, Swonk was the former chief economist for Mesirow Financial.

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