The Business Speaker with a “Perfect Resume”

According to the London Times, Hamish Taylor’s resume is about as perfect as one can get. Trained in brand management at P&G, he went on to be Head of Brands at British Airways, a Management Consultant at PWC, CEO of Eurostar, and CEO of Sainsburys Bank—all before he was 40.

Hamish speaks to the importance of looking outside of your office or industry for ideas and why you must always understand the “customer’s customer.” The mind behind the revolutionary “flat bed” seat in British Airways planes, Hamish has practiced what he preaches to incredible success. Take a look:

If you are working on an event with an international audience, or if your event could benefit from international name recognition, we encourage you to look at Hamish. He travels to the U.S. frequently and is available for bookings at comparable rates to some of our U.S.-based speakers.

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