Celebrate Diversity & Inclusion At Your Next Meeting


In celebration of Pride Month, we wanted to address the necessity of diversity and inclusion in the workplace—and its significance 12 months out of the year. Though most people agree on the importance of workplace diversity, it’s not always prioritized as highly as it should be. A business’s facilitation of a diverse, inclusive environment isn’t just a “nice thing to do.” In fact, it’s perhaps the most valuable, advantageous thing a company can do.

First, diversity breeds more diversity. Nobody wants to be the unicorn at work—it can feel uncomfortable and isolating. Job candidates who come from various backgrounds or possess uncommon, extraordinary experiences will be more attracted to companies that welcome (and already have a certain degree of) diversity.

When such candidates apply and get hired, employers gain talent with a much wider variety of skills. This, in turn, increases corporate creativity since a diverse and inclusive company maintains a larger pool of experiences, perspectives, and ideas to draw from.

In addition, by promoting fresh outlooks, expertise, and cultural insights, a business can more effectively combat prejudice, sexism, and discrimination. Not only does this improve company culture, but also boosts a brand or organization’s reputation as a good employer. And, voilàthe cycle is perpetuated—and everyone reaps the benefits.

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