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Charlotte Pearce: How to Combine the Head and Heart of Business

Charlotte Pearce: How to Combine the Head and Heart of Business

Inkpact Founder and CEO Charlotte Pearce spoke at the Leading Authorities Inspire 2019 Conference and talked all about how to make business more “human.”

The 26-year-old founder of Inkpact, a technology platform that helps businesses deliver hand-written notes to clients and customers at scale, Pearce believes putting people at the center of business is the best way to build the kind of lasting relationships that create strong businesses.

Pearce talked about how we have begun to dehumanize people today, and that we’ve lost the ability to emphasize with one another. But, according to Pearce, communication is a science and an art. Here are two lessons for creating successful, lasting businesses that Charlotte shared with our audience at Inspire:

1. What You Give, You Get Back

In business and in life, human beings like to be seen and to be heard. Addressing these basic principles of humanity, and making others feel genuinely acknowledged, will make them not only more likely to do business with you but also more likely to refer new clients to you. While it can be easy to fire off emails or send texts, hand-written notes generate more engagement and have much higher response rates. Inkpact has capitalized on this basic tenet of human relationships to help facilitate these connections more easily.

2. The Leaders of the Future Will Need to Have CourageAnd Vulnerability

Pearce also talks about the demands 21st century leaders face. It is no longer enough to deliver strong numbers and balance a budget. Today’s workforce demands leaders who are courageous but also embrace vulnerability. Leaders who do this are more creative, more likely to encourage innovative thinking within their own ranks, more likely to listen to and empower those around them, and break out of the kind of debilitating patterns that run organizations out of business.

For more with Charlotte, watch our behind-the-scenes video with her from Inspire below:


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