Check Out This New Speaker From Twitter

In a changing, always-on media environment, brands are constantly experimenting with how they interact with consumers online. In a recent conversation we had with Adam Sharp, former Head of News, Government, and Elections at Twitter, he told us that:

  • Twitter and Facebook now drive more traffic to the New York Times than its iconic front page does
  • At the height of his campaign, President Trump’s Twitter page had 1 billion views/month
  • President Trump’s Tweets were seen at 3 times the rate of all 5 Kardashian sisters combined
Adam was Twitter’s first Washington employee. He joined the team at a time when few DC politicians used the platform, and he helped partners find, understand, and connect with key audiences.

Adam talks about the ways politicians and organizations should leverage social media to create intimate connections, replacing the “handshake and look in the eye” that previous generations relied upon. He also shares the 4 triggers that create connections: immediacy, relevance, engagement, and diversity of content. He shows examples of the people getting this right, and how social media will continue to influence consumer behavior and public opinion.

Adam was just in our office last week and we'd be happy to review his speech with you. If you’d like to learn more about him, please fill out the form below.

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