The Circuit: 100 days, Trophies, and Tough guys

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Step away from the cable news…
While everyone’s been obsessed with the Trump Administration’s 100 day report card, LAI economist and author Zachary Karabell was busy penning an article for Wired about why Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation at the F8 developers conference is the real view of the future. Spoiler alert: we are headed for sensors embedded not just in our clothes, but under our skin. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the intersection of tech, disruption and the effects on the global economy. Zach delivers a whole new spin on global trends and the forces effecting today’s economic growth.
Millennials, cover your ears
Our friends at Axios (Hi Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen!) just shared a video about former Nike executive and new CEO of Flywheel sports Sarah Robb O’Hagan that made every Gen X parent stand up and cheer when she disdained the practice of participation trophies: “As a culture, we’ve shifted to this notion of ‘we give everyone a trophy for showing up."
When you’ve given up assembling your new IKEA bookshelf
Finally, if you’ve struggled with an instruction manual lately you’ll appreciate global ad exec Mitch Joel’s perspective on the future of communication and technology. Cliff notes: be mobile first and simplify!

Developing a mobile-first mentality that encourages intuitive use isn’t just for Silicon Valley anymore. Mitch is showing how to embed that kind of thinking into more traditional industries and new product development.
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