The Circuit: 3 Amazing Women & A Man




In recognition of International Women’s Day, this week I am sharing a four quick stories of Leading Authorities who are asking critical questions, “pressing for progress,” leading by example, and helping women everywhere reach their full potential.

Driving Change
Tune in to 60 Minutes next Sunday, March 18, to watch Norah O’Donnell’s interview with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. All eyes are focused on this US ally and key oil exporter as social, economic, and political reforms are starting to take hold in the country. The crown prince has been instituting sweeping changes for women, including allowing them the right to drive. The last time a Saudi leader granted an interview to a US news network was in 2005. Norah’s discussion includes US/Saudi relations, the civil war in Yemen, and details about the anti-corruption crackdown in November.

Norah O'Donnell Saudi Arabia

Breaking Barriers
The first female Thunderbird pilot, Nicole Malachowski spent 21 years in the Air Force flying combat missions and commanding an F-15E fighter squadron. Having achieved many firsts for women, Nicole discusses the importance of mentoring those who follow you and shares lessons on dealing with change and overcoming adversity. Listen to her inspiring story on our recent podcast.

Nicole Malachowski Woman

Flying Solo
Former Dell entrepreneur in residence Elizabeth Gore is empowering women to take the leap and start their own businesses as president of Alice, a digital business advisor for women. The platform gives crucial business advice to start-ups—like help writing business plans. And in this recent Cosmopolitan article, Gore talked about how difficult that aspect of launching a business can be, but urged women to press on, saying: “You don’t need an MBA to write a good one.”

Elizabeth Gore Alice

Walking The Walk
Successful Shark Tank entrepreneur and former Army Ranger Matt “Griff” Griffin turned a wild idea into a purpose-driven company that’s now getting lots of attention: Combat Flip Flops. And purchasing a pair of his AK-47 flip flops (made from the soles of combat boots) does more than get you a pair of statement shoes. Each purchase pays for an Afghan girl to go to school and helps lift a family out of tough economic conditions. A TEDx speaker and a great storyteller, he shares his beliefs that “a person’s reach should exceed their grasp,” and “the older you get, the more you are obligated to help the world.”

Matthew Griffin TEDX

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