The Circuit: Girls Rule




The Joy of Marketing

Formerly the president and CEO of Pepsi North America, Dawn Hudson  announced last month that she will be stepping down from her role as the CMO of the NFL. Having worked on Pepsi’s “Joy of Cola” campaign and the recent “Super Bowl Babies” ad, Hudson has a consumer friendly philosophy that blends innovation with the drive to be authentic and human. Saying, “There’s so much change in how people consume and watch entertainment,” Hudson is now focused on helping leaders create a culture that embraces diversity, innovation, and inclusion.

Last Woman Standing

Usually the only woman at the table, Annie Duke explains that we make bets in every aspect of our lives, explaining that betting is just “a decision about an uncertain future.” A world-champion poker player, Annie Duke was the subject of a recent New Yorker  article talking about how she embraces uncertainty and uses “immediate feedback” to adjust her strategies. She argues that a little self-doubt makes you a better thinker.

A Smart Take on Social

How are you managing your social profile to make the most of your connections without looking creepy? Tech and social media guru Crystal Washington recently sat down with the Leading Authorities podcast Speaking Of and shared techniques for improving social media habits and personas, maximizing social activity, and taking advantage of connections. A fun and cheeky personality, Crystal’s podcast is a quick listen filled with charming and punchy tips and tricks.

Disrupting the Idea of Charity

Did you know that 663 million people are currently faced with poor water supplies and the burden primarily lies on women to get water for their families? When clean water becomes readily available, women get their days back and are becoming entrepreneurs and growing their own communities. The founder of Charity : Water, Scott Harrison  disrupted the idea of charity and found a way to bring water and time to women around the world. Instead of focusing on guilt and depressing photos to garner donations, he’s created a brand of social standing that has people clamoring to be a part of his solution. He also changed the financial framework. Every dollar donated goes directly to providing clean water to people who need it. All of the overhead is handled by a small group of family investors. This is a heart-warming and inspiring story you will be telling people about for months to come.

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