The Circuit: A Glass Case Of Emotion





Having Trouble Sleeping? You Will Now.
Axios co-founder Mike Allen wrote a lengthy piece on America’s biggest global threats and had a load of high-ranking former officials weigh in. He asked these experts what keeps them up and night and got a range of responses. From former CIA director Michael Hayden’s summary (“We are, to put it simply, the most destabilizing force in the world today”) to former acting CIA director Michael Morrell’s biggest worry (“The inability of our political leadership to resolve their differences and … advance our economy and society”), Allen’s article rounds up 11 threats facing the country. It touches on Pakistan, N. Korea, China and Russia—with former DNI James Clapper weighing in on Russia as “the most pressing near-term threat to the US.” Allen rounds out the list of threats with cyber security issues, climate change and pandemics all securing a spot. Yikes.


A Glimpse Into The Future
In a quick article outlining five major trends businesses should consider now, global futurist, Sheryl Connelly, highlights the differences between generations, the customer experience in an era of connectivity, and the increased desire to work in a city. She encourages brands to double down on telling the stories behind their products to create meaningful experiences for customers looking to identify with companies with a purpose.


A “Check Engine” Light For Your Body?
Will doctors soon be able to diagnose your health concerns by simply looking into your eyes? Pediatric oncologist and medical futurist, Daniel Kraft, was guest interviewed in a podcast discussing the accelerating rate of innovation in healthcare—from the amount of data you can glean from wearables (hi, Apple Watch) to the array of early warning signs of diseases that can be discovered with a retinal scan. He presents an exciting future where we see our data in real time and wearables give us early warnings to address medical conditions before it is too late.


Perfection Is Overrated
“People focus on the achievements and forget about the failures,” Flywheel Sports CEO, Sarah Robb O’Hagan, told Gayle King during a discussion about her book Extreme You. Robb O’Hagan encourages readers to ask for help when they are in over their heads instead of charging ahead, and provides tips for using “failure as fuel.” Sarah says failure is the single biggest fear among millennials but believes it should be embraced as “amazing, because it’s where you learn.” Pulling lessons from her own successes and failures, Sarah gives some of her signature advice for creating forward momentum and setting yourself up for success.

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