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It’s the last weekend before Halloween! (re: last chance to get those costumes together). Here’s a little inspiration for you drawn from our speakers, and a little smart pill for that side-walk chit-chat with the other parents around the neighborhood. Have a happy and safe Halloween – see you with my sugar hangover next week!


Cardboard Tubes, Tin Foil, and a Slinky

Beep. Beep. Robots are getting more human everyday. Not only can they gather and analyze information, but also soon, with the help of former lead FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss, they will be able take emotional intelligence cues to help close sales deals, do scenario planning, and negotiate deals. Drawing from his expertise in negotiating with the world’s toughest criminals, Voss is working with an AI company to build more contextual awareness into artificial intelligence applications to tailor marketing and sales strategies to unique personalities.



Trench Coat, Dark Hat, Spyglass

Spies are cool. And a little spooky. Michael Morell, the former acting Director of the CIA, talked with the Pod Save the World last week about what its like to brief the President, how CIA analysts pieced together where to find bin Laden, and what worries him the most. His answer to what keeps him up at night? Several things that are more frightening than a Halloween haunted house and one that we can solve – our country’s inability to come together politically to compromise on issues that will move our society forward.


Yoga Pants, Nikes, Headset

Fly Faster! Chief spin instructor and CEO of Flywheel Sports, Sarah Robb O’Hagantalked this week about why you learn more from failure and the lessons she learned the hard way. “It’s not in a college text book, you’ve got to get out there and experience it.” The powerhouse sports executive who helped disrupt and turn around Nike and Gatorade gives advice about living your most “Extreme” life and how to use rejection to your advantage. 


Camouflage, Boots, 4-Stars

Army hero leading the way. Forbes recently sat down for a Q & A session with Gen. Stanley McChrystal who was once referred to as “perhaps the finest warrior and leader of men in combat I’ve ever seen” by Robert Gates. In the interview, McChrystal opened up about his leadership style and why common managerial techniques are no longer effective. Lessons include broader sharing of information, transparency in decision-making, and building a shared consciousness culture. All of these insights led into an incredible statement that explains the resulting command: “If the order we gave you was wrong, execute the order we should have given you.” 


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