The Circuit: In the Home Stretch




Happy Hanukkah to my friends eating latkes and lighting candles this week. For those of you still counting down the days until Santa arrives, you have nine more shopping days until the big guy hits your chimney. Before we get there, I’ve got a few topics you might want to study up on before your family get-togethers and an invite to a great 2018 event—see the bottom of the newsletter.


2017 – A Turning Point

New York Times Blogger, Farhad Manjoocontrasts a record year in growth and profits with a big shift in the responsibility tech giants now have in the offline world. Juxtaposing phones that can be unlocked with your face and delivery drivers who can access your house while you are out with fighting fake news, protecting communities, and addressing allegations of harassment and discrimination in the industry, Manjoo breaks down the new challenges tech giants face—and why they could mean the difference between success and failure for companies.



What’s In That Tax Bill?

“Just in time for Christmas…” was how President Trump touted the tax reform bill making its way through Congress. In a podcast with POLITICO, former Director of the Congressional Budget Office, Doug Holtz-Eakin, says the Republican tax plan won’t pay for itself, and that “The American people can feel their access to the American dream disappearing over the horizon, and they are not happy.” The silver lining? Holtz-Eakin says he’s happy with Trump’s economic policy approach up until now, and says there is one policy area everyone should watch: Trade. “Next year is a more important year to watch than this year,” he adds.



For Your Growing Movie List

I’m no Rotten Tomatoes, but I do recommend you add The 15:17 to Paris to your must-watch list. Clint Eastwood directs the actual Paris Train Heroes (Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos, and Spencer Stone) in the real-life story of how they overwhelmed a terrorist on a train bound for Paris. Thinking, “Wait, the guys play themselves?” According to Eastwood, “It could be bold or reckless … I think people will be a little surprised.”


Can I Save You A Seat?

Put this on your calendar—I’d love to meet you in person. On February 23rd at DC’s Watergate Hotel, Leading Authorities is hosting a day-long event for our clients and friends to preview some of the hottest speakers on the circuit. Called INSPIRE: A Leading Authorities Day of Ideas, the event will bring eight to ten thought-leaders and speakers together to discuss topics ranging from innovation and disruption to leadership and future trends, with some inspiring stories in the mix. If you regularly vet or research speakers for your conferences or events, this is a day you do not want to miss. Save a seat now or get more information here.


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